Beer Club | Cloudy Pale Ale Feedback With Pat

In April we sent you a 4-pack of Cloudy and invited you to give us feedback on the recently tweaked recipe. So as the Stone & Wood insiders, you’ve already had a bit of a heads up that we were making changes to our Pale Ale, Cloud Catcher.

This week, we have relaunched this incredible beer as Cloudy Pale Ale.

So what’s different?
For starters, the taste.

While the crew here have always enjoyed the big Cloud Catcher taste, the Brew Team felt like there was room for the beer to evolve into a more approachable and modern style of Pale Ale.

We’ve made tweaks to the flavour profile: more tropical, stone fruit aromas and flavours, a smoother mouthfeel, from pulling back on the bitterness and malt. With the additional hops thrown in, it also pours a little hazier.

We’ve also made changes to the name and can design after conversations with the local indigenous community highlighted the cultural significance of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) as a sacred site.

Thanks for your feedback on this incredible beer. We had a lot of passionate responses. For more insight into the Cloudy changes, here’s Pat with a bit of a breakdown.