Traditional craftsmen and lords of innovation, the journey to the barrel began with Josh and Scotty toying with ideas of using different methods of fermentation. After some good conversation, and probably a few beers, they landed on the idea of open fermentation that embraces the environment by using wild yeast naturally existing in the air.

The story goes that a previous ‘educational’ trip to Cantillon in Belgium inspired the beer style; a traditional Berliner Wiess as the base, layered with equal amounts of pale and wheat malts, and a small amount of Hallertau hops. Dubbed as the Champagne of the North this traditional beer was then left to sour for 36 hours in the open fermenter.

With stone-fruit in-season our brew legends selected only the freshest, most juicy peaches, and added them to the open vessel, layering in Brettanomyces and lactobacillus, and fermenting further with ale yeast to promote different flavours, funk, and esters.

Then came 5 days of Zen. As each day past, with less and less sugars for the yeast to eat, brew lords Josh and Scotty meditated around the vessel collecting floating clouds of yeast from the surface – until it was game on, and they transferred the clean wort into barrels.

This sour, fruity, funky number was laid to rest in French Chardonnay Barrels for 12 months. And so, our story ends at the beginning – for you.

This Barrel Aged Wild Peach Sour is not too sour, and not too bretty. Rather it’s just a wonderfully approachable, delicate, yet complex sour with a subtle oak characteristic.

Let us take you on a journey with brewers Josh and Scotty as they explore the hidden depths of the second release from the Stone & Wood Barrel-Aged Series…


This Limited Release, Barrel Aged Wild Peach Sour is exclusively available to Stone & Wood Beer Club Members only. 100 twin packs will be available for sale through the Beer Club shop at 5pm AEDT, Thursday 1st December 2022.