how it works

step one

On your next visit tour Byron Bay Tasting Room or Brisbane brewery, simply purchase The Sharer 1L bottle.

step two

Choose any of our core range, Pilot Batch or limited release beers to fill The Sharer with.

step three

Then head out into the world, grab some friends and enjoy a fresh brew together.

step four

Once you’re finished, give the bottle a rinse and let it dry out.

step five

Next time you’re cruising past the Tasting Room or brewery, swap your bottle for a fresh refill of your chosen beer.

step six

Cheers and repeat!

New Sharer filled with beer: $25

Sharer refill: $20

care instructions

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The Sharer tastes best fresh and shared

Beer is best consumed within three days and for optimum freshness, a day or two after purchase. Once opened, share the beer with friends and drink within a couple of hours. This will prevent the beer from losing condition and going flat.

Handle with care

The Sharer is made from glass and has the potential to chip, crack or shatter if handled carelessly.

Treat The Sharer as you would a bottle of beer

Store it somewhere cold (between 0-5ºC) and dark. Don’t store in direct sunlight, in a hot car or the freezer; this may cause the beer to spoil or The Sharer to crack or explode.

Keep it clean

Once consumed, give it a rinse.  When you return it to us, we will sterilise it and refill a new Sharer bottle for you, in line with food safety standards.

Why can’t you fill The Sharer bottle that I’ve brought in?

We want to make sure that our beer is served and consumed in its best possible state, which is why we clean and sterilise our Sharers before we refill.

Does The Sharer Come With A Discount?

We love our locals, that’s why we created a Locals Loyalty Card where we gift your 10th Sharer for free!

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