At Stone & Wood we are committed to taking care of the earth that sustains us.

Minimising our footprint on the earth is a core focus for our business, as is caring for our community more broadly.

Through sustainability measures, we’re consistently striving to reduce, reuse and recycle and explore innovative practises that reimagine the ecology of brewing.

Our Commitment

While we are dedicated to improving all our systems, our three key sustainability areas are: waste, energy & water.




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We care about where our waste ends up that's why we're pleased to report that we now divert 96.2% of our waste from landfill.

This has been achieved through our waste management practises that include sorting our waste into 13 recycling streams so that plastic malt bags, can bottles, and other materials are bypassing the commingled system to be directly recycled (single stream).


To help bring some green energy on board, our brewery roofs in Murwillumbah and Byron are fixed with a combined 517 solar panels. These panels combined generate enough to power over 15 households

In the traditional energy space, we’re conscious of our efficiencies. We’re not perfect, but we’re trying every year to get better.


Brewing beer is water intensive, so we are committed to minimising our reliance on this precious resource and look for innovative approaches to water usage.

At our Murwillumbah brewery, we re-use treated wastewater with a UFRO system (Ultra-Filtration Reverse Osmosis system) which gets repurposed for utilities and cleaning, we also capture water from our bottle rinse and pipe it through our refrigeration system and re-use cleaning chemicals recovered through a CIP system.

As part of our EPA licence conditions, our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan can be found here

The inGrained Foundation is a national non-profit that
was established by Stone & Wood in 2018 as an extension of their community program. It supports grassroots, environmental and social charities in the local areas where we work and live. By fostering long term partnerships and responding to urgent situations of need, it aims to create sustained positive change by directing funds to support our community where and when it’s needed most.


Stone & Wood continues to support the Ingrained Foundation by donating $1 per 100L of beer sold and many of the team volunteer by being a part of the grants committee and supporting the daily operations.  


The foundation’s impact on our communities is something that is a source of pride for our team and its continued evolution is something we look forward to continuing to support.