At Stone & Wood, we are dedicated to bettering our community and environment through sustainable practices. Our collaboration with OTTWAY is a testament to our shared commitment to creating positive change.

Together, we aim to celebrate the outdoors, inspire sustainable living, and strengthen the bonds in our communities.


Neri and Manu, the spirited founders of OTTWAY, have crafted
a brand that reflects their deep respect for nature, exploration, and friendship.

As they say, “OTTWAY is more than just a clothing brand; it's a lifestyle
vehicle that inspires people to live fully, embrace the present moment, and cherish adventures both near and far.” With sustainability at the forefront, OTTWAY’s initiatives, such as promoting clean energy, align perfectly with our own mission at Stone & Wood to use beer as a force for good.


Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration with fellow Northern Rivers locals OTTWAY, and don’t miss your chance to win a year
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Meet the OTTWAY Founders

Neri & Manu

From Spain to their home in Byron Bay and exploring all over the world, Neri and Manu have created a community that celebrates adventure, nature and friendship ––something we can definitely get behind.

Learn more about this dynamic duo in our interview with Neri and Manu on their journey creating their brand OTTWAY.

We noticed you’ve been expanding your stores throughout Australia and we’re stoked to see the shop in Byron Bay thriving! It’s great having you in the community. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind OTTWAY and how the brand got started?

It all started back in 2017 with the goal of building a community of like-minded people where the outdoors, slow living, and sustainability were at the forefront of our day-to-day. It was never a business-driven decision, and that’s probably the magic behind it. Later, we realised we could do this for a living, took some risks, and fully embraced the journey. Self-founded and with no previous experience in the market, we are grateful every day for how far everything has evolved with three stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Byron Bay, as well as a growing supportive online community.

We’re biased when saying we love the Australian lifestyle – What’s better than living this close to the beach, surfing, great live music, and being surrounded by a strong creative community! What do you love most about living in Australia and how does it influence you?

We travel quite a bit, not just passing through but spending quality time in other parts of the world, and we have not found a place like Byron Bay. The blend of community, wildlife, ocean, music, creators, good weather, and slow living is hard to beat! It’s good to get out, be inspired by other places and cultures, but there is no place like home. OTTWAY follows our lifestyle, and our life is fully influenced by the Aussie way of living.

The ethos of Stone & Wood is intertwined with your intrepid, nature-loving spirits. We’re always keen for a great Australian adventure! What inspired your love for the outdoors, and how did it shape your personal and professional lives?

Outdoor living and traveling have been at the core of both of us when growing up, and this played a fundamental role in who we are today, reflecting in OTTWAY’s journey. Neri’s dad is a wildlife photographer, and since the early days, the entire family was road-tripping around Spain, capturing unforgettable memories. Manu’s family, dedicated to tropical medicine, traveled around the world for decades, visiting remote locations in Africa, supporting local communities, and learning from different cultures.

Out of all the trips you’ve been on, can you share one of your most memorable outdoor adventures in Australia?

For us, it’s not necessarily the destination that makes a great trip but the “trip” itself. Your travel mates, the spirit, the vibes… any destination could become a memorable trip. Our most memorable outdoor adventure in Australia is by far building “Gloria,” our off-the-grid cabin on top of an abandoned bus in the Otway Ranges down in Victoria. This was an adventure led by four friends that lasted over four years, and we had the best time.

How do you stay motivated and inspired to continue your mission of promoting sustainability through OTTWAY?

We always find ways to challenge ourselves and try to have more impact. Despite being a small business in a very large industry, we believe that through our online community and with the tools of social media, our power to influence other people is greater than we realise. We have recently expanded our sustainability program to the USA, and this has been a huge milestone for us. This year, we will be installing solar power in community projects both in the USA and Australia.

Can you share a story of a time when your love for the environment led you to make a significant change or take action?

Manu studied environmental science and renewable energy, which brought him to Australia over a decade ago. The goal was to awaken a dormant industry in Australia, and he ended up developing some of the country’s largest solar farms and wind farms built to date. You might find him in some photos cutting the ribbon with the PM at the time.

We’re always working to be better – as a business and personally at home…it’s a small step-by-step process. How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your daily lives, both personally and professionally?

As we said in the intro, sustainability is at the forefront of our day-to-day. At a personal level, we try to improve everywhere we can, from installing solar panels at home to making conscious decisions when buying anything. For example, the majority of our clothing, besides OTTWAY, of course, is second-hand. Professionally, we are constantly developing alternatives to synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon that are widely used in the industry and allow you to make cheaper clothing in a very competitive market. Our focus is on cotton, linen, and recycled fibres. Also, all our stores are powered by a carbon-neutral retailer, and through our sustainability program, we install solar power in community-owned projects in Australia.