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Rascal's Burger of the Week - "The Stone & Wood"

Rascal's Burger of the Week - "The Stone & Wood"


What happens when a publican meets a butcher and two hatted chefs that share a passion for burgers? They go into business and launch a mouthwatering burger joint with fresh ingredients and good beer to match. What happens when the publican, the butcher and the two hatted chefs meet a brewer? A delicious beer inspired burger dubbed “The Stone & Wood” burger is born.

Tom Robinson, Tim Perrum (chefs), Tim Montgomery (Butcher) and Ty Burford (Publican) are the four mates behind Newcastle’s favourite burger place, Rascals Burgers, Chicken, Anarchy…A hang out for dude food lovers, with an original take on the 1950s American Diner…and some very creative decor.

When the Rascals met with our crew over a couple of cold Pacific Ales one evening in Newcastle, they got chatting about a doing a collab together. They wanted to try something different…Rather than using beer as an ingredient in the burger, our Head Brewer Caolan worked with the Rascal Head Chefs Tim and Tom to design and craft a burger they’d most enjoy with a cold frothy in hand….Thus, “The Stone & Wood” was created.

To celebrate its release, we’re taking over the taps at Rascals for the week, pouring cold refreshing Pacific Ale and Green Coast to wash down our delicious collab wagyu beef and chicken burger.

We caught up with Tom to have a little chat about a big burger, how the collaboration came about and what inspired the creation.

Cheers Tom!

Tell us a bit about Rascal.

Rascal, Burgers, Chicken, Anarchy is a concept we put together last year its a collaboration between myself (Tom) Timothy Montgomery, Ty Burford and Tim Perrum. Tim and I are both hatted chefs who spent our lives in fine dining, we have known each other for 15 years. Ty is a very successful Newcastle publican and restaurateur and Tim Perrum is a local cattle buyer and butcher. We have put our different skill sets together to form Rascal a place we wanted to have and hang out in for Newcastle

How did the collab come about?

We are massive fans of Stone & Wood and have been pouring Pacific Ale since day 1. Ty has been a big supporter of the brand at his other venues too.
We met Steve when he was up in Newcastle and over a Pacific Ale we thought it would be great to do a Stone & Wood inspired burger but instead of us using the beer in a sauce or relish we thought why not get the brewer (Caolan Vaughan) to come up with some ideas for a burger he would like to eat with his beers.

What is this beautiful creation? 

So we took Caolan’s idea of a burger with chicken skin, Fiore gras, caramelized onion and added a few of our thoughts to create this week’s Burger of the Week
– Burger Bun
– chicken liver pate
– Red onion jam
– Roast chicken skin seasoning
– Chicken remoulade (poached chicken with mayo, mustard, tomato relish, pickles, capers, tarragon
– Beef patty
– Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle

What style of beer is it best enjoyed with?

I think it works well with both the stone and wood beers we offer. We have both Pacific Ale and Green Coast lager this week to tie in with the burger.

How long is she on the Rascal menu for?

till Wednesday next week

What did you name the burger?

“The Stone & Wood” of course…

Where can we find it?

At Rascal 266 King st Newcastle 2300

Any brews consumed during the making of this burger?

hahahah it was conceptualised over a Pacific Ale! And there is always a responsible amount of beer being consumed here at rascal.
I’ve been getting into a lot of the session ales around at the moment. I was also back in South Australia recently and went to the Prancing Pony Brewhouse which was amazing.

Here’s a look at the Stone & Wood x Rascals masterpiece.


Our crew enjoying a “Stone & Wood” burger and beer at Rascals


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