Our Head Brisbane Brewer, Mick Barnes, was the creative mind behind this Belgian beauty.
Watch below to get insight from the man himself on all the delicious details.


 This Trappist style Belgian Quadruple was inspired by the famous Trappist Westvleteren 12; also known as one of the rarest beers in the world today, brewed by Belgian monks in the brewery of the Saint-Sixtus Abbey.

Whilst the Trappist style has been around for centuries, the Quad is a relatively new style in the Belgian realm with the first of its kind being produced in 1991. Quads are known for their complex flavour profiles, with low bitterness, and impressively high ABV.


Release number three in the Stone and Wood limited edition Barrel Aged Series


The third release in the limited-edition Stone & Wood Barrel Aged series uses all Belgian malts resulting in a beuatifully rich complexity. The addition of dark Belgian candy syrup added to the boiling wort boosts the ABV to 12%. The liquid was then laid to rest in French Oak ex-whiskey barrels for 18 months, mellowing the brew to deliver a beer that is exquisitely smooth and simply easy to drink. On sipping notes of toasted oak, sweet candied raisins and burnt toffee complement the warm aftertaste synonymous with a Quad.

This big beer is literally a meal in itself, but would also pair wonderfully with a charcuterie board, or some big, strong cheese. This masterpiece would also cellar well, delivering even greater complexities of flavours.


Mick Barnes the brewer behind the limited edition Stone and Wood Barrel Aged Belgian Quad


Mick brewed just two barrels worth of this dark, complex beer, equating to 100 bottles, made up into 50 twin packs that are exclusively available to our loyal Beer Club members online. Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on this rare release: shop the limited edition Stone & Wood Barrel Aged Belgian Quad online now.