Tasting Notes: Orange Scotch Ale



Designed by brewers: Scott Hutton & Josh Waters

Brewed by: Josh Waters
Date brewed: September 2021

Aged in: Starward Whisky Barrels, French Oak.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this beer hit us during laid-back chats over whisky cocktails. Having already barrel-aged a classic Scotch Ale, we figured, why not shake things up a bit? We threw some dried orange peel into the mix, hoping to get those awesome whisky and oak notes from the barrel. 

General description: Introducing our Barrel-Aged Orange Scotch Ale, meticulously crafted with a touch of Stone & Wood magic. This exceptional brew has undergone a delightful transformation, embracing the influence of fresh orange peel and a leisurely rest in Starward Whisky barrels for an impressive 30 months.

Orange Scotch Ale - Barrel Aged Beer

This malt-driven masterpiece takes a unique approach, with carefully selected hops prized for their distinct orange and citrus notes, and a subtle touch of bitterness. The result? A radiant, deep copper finish that leaves a lasting impression on your palate, accompanied by a velvety smooth mouthfeel.

Experience the harmonious dance of flavors as solid malt sweetness intertwines seamlessly with the bittersweet essence of orange and the unmistakable warmth of whisky. The barrel's rich character shines through, leaving a subtle hint of dried fruit to elegantly conclude this exceptional Scotch Ale. Elevate your beer experience with the craftsmanship that defines Stone & Wood.

Hops description: Just like every meticulously barrel-aged creation in our lineup, we've kept the hop influence subtle and strategic. A minimal amount of hops made their appearance early in the boil, as that hop character don't quite stand the test of time within the barrels. With this brew hops play a supporting role, contributing to a nuanced bitterness and adding just a touch of flavour. It's a delicate dance in our brewing process, and for this Scotch Ale, we've chosen a carefully balanced combination that enhances the overall experience.

Malt description: Crafted with Australian Pale malt at its core, our Orange Scotch Ale gains depth from a blend of German specialty malts—Carared, Caramunich #1 and #3, and Light Munich malt.

Food pairing: a note from Josh:

This is an individual choice depending on your tastes, but for me I would drink this with antipasto and cheese. But it will also pair with anything salty to cut through the richness, smoked meats or as an after-dinner beer with a decadent desert.

Scotch Orange Ale - Barrel Aged Beer


Stay tuned for the next limited barrel aged release.