The Best Hinterland Hikes in Byron Bay

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Explore the Hinterland: A Guide to Our Favourite Northern Rivers Hikes

We’re stoked to welcome Hinterland Hazy to the core range. From today you will start to find Hinterland Hazy in bottle shops and venues nationwide. Keep your eye out and if you haven’t tried it, get ready…she’s a keeper (for good reason)!

To celebrate Hinterland Hazy joining the Stone & Wood range permanently, we're sharing our team's favourite Hinterland hikes in The Northern Rivers.

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy, Best Walks Near Byron Bay NSW

Escape the ordinary and dive into the lush wonders of the Byron Bay Hinterland, a haven for nature enthusiasts and seekers of breathtaking landscapes. We've curated a guide to the best bush walks and hikes near Byron Bay, perfectly paired with the vibrant and juicy Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale – a beer inspired by the essence of the Northern Rivers.

Mount Jerusalem National Park Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy, Best Walks Near Byron Bay1. Mount Jerusalem National Park:

Discover the enchanting Mount Jerusalem National Park, just a short 50-minute drive from Byron Bay. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Tweed Valley, offering idyllic settings for bushwalking, horseback riding, and waterfall chasing.

Traverse the diverse landscapes of Mount Jerusalem National Park, where towering eucalypt forests intertwine with subtropical rainforests along the winding creek lines. Dip into refreshing creeks or cascade-fed pools post-hike, all while keeping an eye out for rare species like Albert’s lyrebird and the red-legged pademelon.

Accessible from Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, and Uki, this park beckons day-trippers, bird enthusiasts, equestrians, and nature lovers alike to explore its captivating wonders. Take your pick between the Rayners and Unicorn Falls walking tracks, both of which take between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

Learn more & get directions from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy, Best Walks Near Byron Bay

Byron Bay Hinterland Walks Things To Do Near Byron Bay2. The Pinnacle Walk:

Take a leisurely 0.6 km return stroll through the seldom-visited Border Ranges National Park to reach the Pinnacle Lookout. Marvel at epic views of both sides of the state line, showcasing millennia-old crater escapements and the volcanic Mount Warning (Wollumbin). The easy trail is perfect for a sunrise adventure, witnessing Australia's first rays kissing the ancient volcano.

Reach new heights on The Pinnacle Walk, where stunning panoramic views await. Sip on the Hinterland Hazy as you take in the vast beauty, the golden haze of the beer mirroring the warm glow of the sun setting over the hinterland.

Learn more and get directions from NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services

Byron Bay Hinterland Walks Things To Do Near Byron Bay

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy, Best Walks Near Byron Bay3. Border Ranges National Park: A Wilderness Gem

Nestled within the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, Border Ranges National Park stands as a sprawling testament to untouched rainforest beauty and the biodiversity linked to the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana.

This expansive wilderness offers a plethora of opportunities to immerse yourself in the wonders of the rainforest. Travel along the Tweed Range Scenic Drive, a part of the Rainforest Way, providing the flexibility to stop and explore at your leisure. Take a leisurely stroll along the short Palm Forest walking track, meandering through subtropical rainforest, or opt for a more challenging adventure with the Booyong walk, commencing from the Sheepstation Creek campground.

Discover picturesque spots for a relaxing picnic or barbecue lunch, and don't miss the chance to pause at the park's lookouts, offering breathtaking views of the magnificent crater escarpment. Photographers, in particular, will relish capturing the ethereal beauty of billowing waterfalls, panoramas of Wollumbin-Mount Warning, and the lush greenery of the rainforest.

Accessible from Kyogle and Lismore, the park also beckons those seeking an immersive overnight experience. Choose to camp under a blanket of stars, awakened by the symphony of birdsong, for an even more intimate connection with this natural haven.

Learn more and get directions from NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services

4. Killen Falls Walking Track:

Embark on the 1.2 km return Killen Falls Walking Track to discover a hinterland cascade plunging into a refreshing swimming hole. A gentle trail leads to an elevated viewing platform for a mesmerizing view of the fast-flowing water. To make the most of your adventure, traverse the rugged track towards the bottom for a rejuvenating swim. 

Chase the allure of Killen Falls on this scenic walking track. Refresh your senses with Stone & Wood's Hinterland Hazy, a beer that mirrors the cool cascades with its low bitterness and full-bodied finish.

Local Tip: Arrive early to avoid the crowds.

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy5. Goonengerry Waterfalls:

Dive into the hidden gem of Goonengerry Waterfalls, where the surroundings echo with the secrets of nature. Let the vibrant and juicy aromas of Hinterland Hazy be your companion, enhancing the adventure with each sip.

For a captivating 10 km loop adventure with intermediate skill level, explore the Goonengerry Waterfall loop in Goonengerry National Park. Starting from the Garrong Road car park, the trail boasts two infinity falls and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Opt for an anti-clockwise direction on the North Boundary Trail to conquer uphill sections first and savor epic waterfall views in the second half of the hike.

Learn more and get directions from NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services

Minyon Falls Walking Track6. Minyon Falls:

Embark on the Minyon Falls Loop, a 6.8 km return journey through the enchanting Nightcap National Park. This rugged track winds through thick rainforest-shrouded escarpments, offering pristine vistas of old-growth brush box trees and fern-lined creeks. For a more relaxed experience, a viewpoint near the car park provides breathtaking scenes of the thundering cascade. And if you're up for more exploration, don't miss the nearby Protestors Falls.

Conquer the majestic Minyon Falls, a true spectacle of the hinterland. Celebrate your achievement with Stone & Wood's Hinterland Hazy – a golden elixir that mirrors the beauty and grandeur of the falls.

 Learn more and get directions from NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy, Best Walks Near Byron Bay

As you traverse these enchanting trails, let Stone & Wood's Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale elevate your hiking experience. Embrace the golden haze, relish the tropical fruit notes, and immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of nature and craft. Because in the Northern Rivers, every step is a journey, and every sip is a celebration.
For more Byron Bay Hinterland Trails, check out Alltrails.

Stone & Wood Hinterland Hazy, Best Walks Near Byron Bay

The best post hike drink? Try Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale

After an exhilarating hike through the Byron Bay hinterland, there's nothing quite like indulging in the refreshing taste of Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale. And, the best place to enjoy one after a long day trekking in the Northern Rivers region? The Stone & Wood Byron Bay Brewery. Come on by, say g'day, enjoy a tasting paddle of our finest brews, sit back and relax. You deserve it. 

Want to know more about our Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale? 

Crafted with a meticulous blend of Pale, Regen Pale, Munich, and Wheat malts, this brew boasts a full-bodied yet well-balanced finish, offering a soft and satisfying mouthfeel. Infused with three distinctive Aussie hops—Vic Secret, Eclipse, and Galaxy—each sip bursts with vibrant tropical fruit aromas and flavors, perfectly complementing the post-hike relaxation. With its low bitterness and golden haze, Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale is the ultimate reward for a day of exploration, best enjoyed freshly chilled from the fridge. Cheers to the perfect end to an adventure-filled day in the hinterland!

Learn more about Hinterland Hazy Pale Ale here


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