Every May since Stone & Wood began, alongside our friends in the brewing industry, we brew our woodfired porter Stone Beer in preparation for winter. This is called our Stone Brew Day.

We start by brewing a decadent porter with dark roasted malts to give coffee and dark chocolate flavours to the beer. Then, on an open fire, we heat volcanic stones sourced from the nearby hinterland, before lowering them glowing-red into the kettle, which lends smoky caramel notes to the beer. The moment the woodfired stones touch the wort with a loud hisss is a moment for celebration.

A month later, we tap Stone Beer at our annual Festival of the Stone – our biggest beer and music festival of the year where our community comes together to enjoy fresh beer, live music, food trucks and winter cheer.


Around here, winter is a time of dark temptations. Of cold nights and raging fires, of dancing bodies and deep, dark beers. Welcome to the Season of the Stone.

An ode to Aussie Big things!

Aussie’s like big things. Whether it’s a big sheep, a banana, a prawn or a pineapple. We make 'em big. 

But these are all from the 70’s and 80’s - no one’s making big things anymore. 

So we decided to.


(And yes, big writing). 

Big Pale Ale is the limited edition second instalment of our All-Australian Hops Series. 


Did you know that we donate $1 for every 100L of beer sold to our inGrained Foundation? Through inGrained we support local-level social and environmental organisations who are changing our communities from the ground up. So just by drinking this beer, you’re helping Aus become that little bit gooder.

  • Can Beer Be Better For The Planet? RE_GENERATION Documentary

    Can Beer Be Better For The Planet?


    Follow one beer lover’s journey of discovery as he deliberates on how the cold one in your hand can affect climate change and how every drinker has the power to turn beer into a force for good.

    From the brewing tanks of Stone & Wood to the lush hop and barley fields of regional Australia, filmmaker and change maker Jack Toohey tours the state in search of the answers on how we can make beer more sustainable.

    With the support of our good friends and growers at Ryefield Hops and Voyager Craft Malt, we're very proud to announce the launch of our most sustainable beer yet, Northern Rivers Beer. We've used 100% Certified Sustainable Ryefield Hops and 70% Certified Sustainable Voyager Malt in this brew all of which is regeneratively farmed.

    "I think it's vital for punters to know how beers made but not just how it's made, but where it comes from. It's an agricultural product and without agriculture here in Australia, we wouldn't have beer...Stone & Wood has decided to use Regen ingredients in our beers and that's for a higher purpose and that's really to bring it to the mainstream." Says our Head Brewer, Caolan Vaughan.

    Learn more about our Northern Rivers Beer here.


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    Can Beer Be Better For The Planet? RE_GENERATIO...

    Can beer be better for the planet?

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  • The Story Behind our New Limited Release Hinterland Big Pale
    Today, we're thrilled to unveil the second instalment of our All Australian Hop Series, Hinterland Big Pale, a celebration of our partnership with HPA and the quality ingredients they provide. Big Pale is our new limited release beer, offering an ode to Australian hop farmers and growers.
    Our story with HPA began 15 years ago with the humble Galaxy hop, a unique Australian variety, with its distinct passion fruit, citrus, and peach aromas, not only put Australian hops on the global map but also ignited a new era of creativity in brewing and was the key ingredient that gave our flagship beer, Pacific Ale, it's distinctive flavour and aroma. It was a match made in heaven, as Galaxy's character perfectly complemented our brewing philosophy of creating flavourful, yet simply approachable beers.


    Another exciting development in our partnership is the introduction of the Eclipse hop, a recent addition to HPA's lineup. This intriguing variety has captured our brewers imagination with its unique mandarin, pine needle, and citrus peel aromas. The perfect hop for the additions our brewers were chasing when developing our Big Pale Ale.

    The brewers also added Vic Secret, another hop in the HPA arsenal of magic medleys. Vic Secret brings the big pineapple flavours and tropical notes to Big Pale, creating a symphony of tropical flavours and aromas in this well-balanced yet full- flavoured pale ale.

    Visiting the farms in the picturesque Ovens Valley, where HPA cultivates these beautiful hops, is always a special experience. Meeting passionate growers like Alan, whose family has been part of this legacy for generations, reinforces our commitment to supporting Australian agriculture and showcasing the best of what our country has to offer.

    As brewers, our excitement peaks during harvest season, but the real joy comes when we see these top-quality Aussie hops transform into delicious beers that excite our drinkers. It's a collaborative process that highlights the artistry of brewing and the importance of premium ingredients in crafting memorable brews.

    As brewers, our excitement peaks during harvest season, but the real joy comes when we see these top-quality Aussie hops transform into delicious beers that excite our drinkers. It's a collaborative process that highlights the artistry of brewing and the importance of premium ingredients in crafting memorable brews.

    The launch of Hinterland Big Pale is not just about a new beer; it's a celebration of a decade-long partnership with HPA, a tribute to Australian hops, and a toast to the shared passion for what we do.

    Join us in raising a glass to craftsmanship, quality, and the vibrant flavours of Australian-grown hops. Cheers to a journey worth savouring, and here's to many more hops-inspired adventures ahead!

    Hinterland Big Pale is a limited release that is available at Stone & Wood online and in our Brisbane and Byron Bay tasting rooms. As well as at Dan Murphy's nationwide and select BWS stores.  

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    The Story Behind our New Limited Release Hinter...

    Celebrating Aussie farmers and over a decade-Long Journey with Hops Products Australia (HPA)

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  • NRB | Northern Rivers Beer


    From today (21.03.24) you’ll be able to grab a carton from the following bottle shops and next week we’ll be dropping the list on where to grab it on draught...


    • Ballina Cellar
    • Byron Cellar Lawson Street
    • The Park hotel
    • Sunrise cellars
    • Station hotel
    • Newrybar general store
    • The Lennox Hotel
    • Tintenbar Store
    • Casino Liquor Company
    • Ritchies Kyogle
    • The Cellar Alstonville
    • Bangalow Cellars
    • The Cellar Byron Plaza
    • The Railway Friendly Bar
    • The Bangalow Bowlo
    • North Byron Hotel
    • Great Northern Hotel
    • Beach Hotel Byron Bay
    • Crabbes Creek General Store
    • Panorama SuperCellars Tweed Heads
    • Murwillumbah Cellars
    • Billinudgel Hotel
    • Burringbar General Store
    • Middle Pub Mullumbimby
    • Taphouse Cellars Kingscliff
    • Courthouse Hotel Murwillumbah
    • Cabarita Beach Hotel
    • Wake Up Hostel Belongil
    • Ocean Shores Tavern

    NRB - Keeping It Local.

    Since 2008, we’ve always put community, connection and sustainability at the heart of Stone & Wood. And whilst our beer can now be found around the country, the Northern Rivers will always be our home.

    Our new Northern Rivers Beer is dedicated to our home, this special corner of the world. It was dreamed up by our team and brought to life through their efforts. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding region and its people, we’re keeping this one local. NRB will be exclusively available in store, within the bounds of the Northern Rivers, stretching from Tweed River in the north to Yamba in the south. Of course, it’s not limited to this region alone; you can still find it in our online store.

    Community has always been at the heart of our mission. We strive to forge meaningful connections by collaborating with kindred businesses and organizations in our area. NRB is another avenue through which we can achieve this. Since 2018, we’ve contributed $2.1 million to local grassroots, environmental and social charities, both near and far, all through the Ingrained Foundation (click through link). For every 100 litres of beer sold from our portfolio, Stone & Wood donates $1, and NRB will proudly continue this tradition.

    About Northern Rivers Beer.

    This is what we call a Northern Rivers Lager, taking inspiration from the region surrounding us and the people within it. NRB has light floral aromas, subtle malt flavour and low bitterness, but to put it bluntly, it’s a beer that is simply good to drink, with no fuss.

    This beer is the perfect drop to wet the whistle. A bright, crisp beer that’s easy to drink and have a yarn over. And the best part of this local brew, other than its taste, is that it’s made from at least 70% malt that has been Certified Sustainable and 100% Ryfield Certified Sustainable hops; crops that take things easier on the soil and water that they’re produced from.

    Who Is Certified Sustainable & What Is Certified Sustainable Malt?

    Certified Sustainable (CS) is a nonprofit certification program, working with growers that are passionate about sustainable farming practices and the long-term health of their land and communities.

    CS works across the supply chain from growers, to makers, and providers, independently verifying and validating positive practices regarding environment, social and governance outcomes.

    Through yearly audits, CS growers are required to maintain standards with regard to six key areas. These include traceability, soil health, water conservation, emissions, monitoring, and social/community responsibility. CS growers demonstrate outcomes and practices that balance the material impacts of conventional farming with the wellbeing of people and the natural environment.

    Positive practices that are found at a Certified Sustainable Farm include soil nutritional programs that build soil structure and organic carbon levels, cover cropping, minimal to no tillage, water conservation, and adherence to additional regulation and guidance for the use of agrochemical inputs.

    That’s why, for us, it makes sense to work with Certified Sustainable when sourcing our malt for this beer. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life!

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    NRB | Northern Rivers Beer

    Introducing you to the Northern Rivers Beer, our take on a Northern Rivers Lager. Taking inspiration from the region surrounding us and the people within. It's our most sustainable yet......

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