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A few cold beers raised at AIBA night! annual beer comp in the world.

A few cold beers raised at AIBA night!

Last night, hundreds of good beer lovers and brewers packed the Melbourne Showground for the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) – the largest annual beer competition in the world. This year the awards attracted more than 1,700 entries from more than 320 breweries.

A massive shout out and thank you to the team across the Stone & Wood business. We’re so humbled by another great year of results at the AIBA. Good beer is our thing so for us, this is a nice pat on the back to acknowledge our consistency of quality.
We don’t brew for awards but receiving peer recognition for what we all strive to do day-in-day-out is an awesome achievement. Cheers to all of the other breweries that took home awards last night. Good beer is in a great place in Australia!


Cloud Catcher, Draught (Australian Pale Ale)
Palm Valley Ale, Draught (Fruit)
Sam’s Hoppy Belgian Ale, Draught (Other Specialty Beer)

Green Coast, Draught (other European Lagers)
Pacific Ale, Draught (Australian Pale Ale)
Stone Beer, Draught (Other Porter)
Wilderness, Draught (Herb & Spice)
Wilderness, Pack (Herb & Spice)
Smoke on the Porter, Draught (Smoked)

Green Coast, Pack (other European Lagers)
Stone & Wood Schwarzbier, Draught (German Style Schwarzbier)
Cloud Catcher, Pack (Australian Pale Ale)
Pacific Ale, Pack (Australian Pale Ale)
Garden Ale, Pack (Other British Style Ale)
Garden Ale, Draught (Other British Style Ale)
Murbah Swamp Beer, Draught (Kolsch)
Stone & Wood Gose, Draught (Other European Style Ale)
Jasper Ale, Draught (American Style Red)
Jasper Ale, Pack (American Style Red)
X, Draught (Imperial Stout)
Northern Rivers, Draught (Reduced Alc Ale)
Debbie Harry, Draught (Blonde)
Hemp Seed Scotch Ale, Draught (Herb & Spice)
The Gatherer, Draught (Fruit)
The Gatherer, Pack (Fruit)
Hoppy Potato Ale, Draught (Other Specialty Beer)


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