What is Stone & Wood beer made of?

Our beer is made of the right stuff. Your favourite Stone & Wood beer is brewed with locally sourced ingredients and fuelled by our passion for good. We’ve done traditional brewing a little differently. And we’re inspired by the charm of our Byron Bay home.

From the core range to our limited releases, each of our beers and beverages has its own story. Discover here what your favourite Stone & Wood beer is made from.

So, what’s in beer?

Since its earliest days, our beer has always been that humble combination of malted barley, sugars, hops and yeast - fermented to perfection.

We’ve been creative with this recipe; experimenting with Australian malt blends, hop varieties and sugar sources. Our craft brewery has refreshed beer classics like Pale Ale and Lager with the help of Australia’s finest farmers and their beautiful produce.

Stone & Wood’s ingredients

We’ve broken down some of the differences between our core range of beers below:

Pacific Ale

Our Pacific Ale overflows with memories of summer picnics or beachside brews with every taste. We've taken inspiration from the golden haze of our home on the Pacific Ocean, using Australian-grown rolled wheat and malted wheat for the pale malt base. This combination helps to create that famous pale ale gold tone and delicious finish.

We then use our famous Galaxy hops sourced from Victoria and Tassie farmers to balance that malty bitterness with tropical aromas. Finished with a short and sweet fermentation period, we unleash more complex flavours from the yeast to boost the overall palette of our Pacific Ale.

Once brewed and bottled, our Pacific Ale offers a deliciously fruity, refreshing and full beer.

Green Coast Lager 

Our Green Coast Lager is a celebration of our home and beer’s homeland. The clean and crisp flavour has taken inspiration from the rolling hinterland of Byron Bay, underscored with malts sourced from Germany.

Our silver medal-winning Green Coast Lager has that classic Munich Helles taste of honey and bready malt. This could only be enhanced by our noble hop with a balanced bitterness and delicate sweetness, more than living up to it's namesake. 

Once fermented, the extended cold conditioning helps mellow and harmonise the flavours to give our Green Coast Lager a subtle spice. An easy drink year-round, Green Coast Lager’s unique malts and hops create refreshing beer with a low, clean bitterness.

Cloudy Pale Ale

Our take on a modern Aussie pale ale, we’re proud of our recently relaunched Cloudy Pale. Originally released way back in 2013, we tinkered with the recipe over the course of months to bring a fresh take to one of our classics.

From the get go, you’ll notice the tropical flavour profile, that is followed by smooth bitter notes and a crisp finish. The late addition of several dry Aussie hops gives distinct aromatics, and the malt profile brings it’s cloudy and smooth quality.

With low bitterness and hints of sweet stone fruit, Cloudy Pale Ale is perfectly paired with warm weather and a pub feed after a busy day.

What our beer is made of

Beer is simple, made with only a few ingredients. This means it needs to be brewed right.

Each of our beers go through a long journey from the malt mill to the final fermentation (you can learn more about our process here).

From the ingredients to the production and packaging, we make our beer from only the good stuff at every step. With solar panels, water waste systems and composting programs, we do what we can to have a positive impact on our community.

Our beer making process is focused on the ecology of brewing as we incorporate new measures and managements to support the earth that supports us.

When it comes to Stone & Wood, we work alongside our community to brew a beer that isn’t just delicious but a positive force for good as well.

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What is Stone & Wood beer made of?

Our beer is made of the right stuff. Your favourite Stone & Wood beer is brewed with locally sourced ingredients and fuelled by our passion for good. We’ve done traditional...

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Road To Munich | Festbier 6% ABV

Our latest Limited Release: Counter Culture #23 – Road To Munich, Festbier is here!

Join our Head Brewer Caolan and Production Manager Pat geared up in their lederhosen as we unpack the inspiration behind the beer, the characteristics, brewing method and food pairings for this delicious new lager.



This extremely limited release pays homage to Germany’s largest and most celebrated beer festival – Oktoberfest – specifically the pale, Munich lager they pour exclusively for it – the Festbier. It's also a nod to our team's annual pilgrimage throughout the most renown Belgian and German Breweries in celebration of five years of devoted service to Stone & Wood, that concludes in the beer capital of the world: Munich.  

Counter Culture #23 is available exclusively online, and in our Byron Bay and Brisbane Tasting Rooms. 

 If you miss out on this Counter Culture release, think about joining the Stone & Wood Beer Club - you'll never miss a limited release again!


For full details on of Hops, Malt and Food Pairings for Road To Munich explore more here


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Road To Munich | Festbier 6% ABV

Watch now to take a deep dive into the inspiration, characteristics, brewing techniques and food pairings for Counter Culture #23, Road To Munich, Festbier...

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Hopposite Seasons Cold IPA | Available 04.09.23

Get your chilly bin ready – Counter Culture #22 - Hopposite Seasons Cold IPA is almost here!

Available 04.09.23

There’s nothing quite like the magic moment when opposites attract. That’s why we combined hops from North America and New Zealand to create Hopposite Seasons COLD IPA, a beer that bursts with high aromatic hop intensity and flavour and finishes clean and crisp.



This limited release will be available online and from select venues and bottle shops on Monday, 4th September…but only for a short time…so set your alarms and prep the chilly bin.



Can’t wait to get your hands on this Cold IPA? Get amped up now and join our Head Brewer, Caolan for a full run down on Hopposite Seasons – what are you waiting for?

Reading times: Reading time: 5 minutes mins

Hopposite Seasons Cold IPA | Available 04.09.23

Get your chilly bin ready – Counter Culture #22 - Hopposite Seasons Cold IPA is almost here! Available 04.09.23 There’s nothing quite like the magic moment when opposites attract. That’s...

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Stone & Wood Stone Beer 2023

Time To Dabble In The Dark Arts

Around here, winter is a time of dark temptations. Of cold nights and raging fires, of dancing bodies and deep, dark beers. Welcome to the Season of the Stone.

From today, Stone Beer 2023, our rich and robust porter, is available online and in good bottle shops and venues across the country.

But the black magic doesn’t stop there. We’re also celebrating the return of our Barrel-Aged Stone Beer, rolling in at an 11.2% ABV, this is a potion best shared with others. Sold in a traditional ceramic crock, these can only be found in very limited numbers in our online store. To tempt you further, here’s a closer look at what you can expect from these two exceptional dark beauties.


6% ABV

This year’s brew was created using choice Australian and German malts, with aromas and flavours of coffee, rich dark chocolate, and hints of subtle smoked barley. Stone Beer 2023 pours near black and finishes with a rich smooth malt character and firm bitterness.

Malts: Pale malt, Chocolate, Voodoo, SM40, amber, CaraRed, regenerative-grown pale malt and macadamia smoked malt.

Hops: Fuggles Hops (England)

Food Pairing: This delicious porter pairs beautifully with grilled meat, hard cheeses, and excellent with anything containing chocolate.




11.2% ABV

Aged for 12 months in whiskey barrels, this jet-black porter has the strong malt profile of chocolate and coffee flavours, layered with a luscious fullness of whisky and oak. Rich, smooth and full bodied our Barell Aged Stone Beer has a medium bitterness and low hop profile that balances the roasted malt flavours.

Malts: Pale malt, chocolate, voodoo, SM40 , Amber, CaraRed and regenerative-grown pale malt.

Hops: Galaxy Hops (Australia)

Food Pairing: A rich, dark beauty such as this deserves a dark chocolate dessert like brownies, served with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream or double cream on top.




Double Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

17.3% ABV

First brewed in 2021, it patiently sat in barrels until February of 2023 when we transferred it into freshly emptied Cape Byron Distillery whisky barrels to impart the luscious flavours and aromas of whisky and oak to the beer.

Hops: Brewed with Australian Galaxy Hops, 2023 Über has very low hops aromas and flavours.

Malt: 2023 Über Stone Beer has malt flavours of coffee and chocolate, produced by a mix of Barretts Pale, Voyager Choc, Voyager Voodoo, Voyager SM 40, Voyager Biscuit and Voyager Amber.

Food Pairing: This big dark beer loves to be paired with any dessert with chocolate and coffee flavours, blue cheese or anything salty and tart.




More than just delicious beers, we kicked off our winter celebrations with our annual block party – Festival of the Stone held at our Byron Brewery.

Over 2000 locals and beer lovers came together to celebrate the turning of the seasons and to help raise money for an excellent Byron organisation – Fletcher Street Cottage. We are stoked to announce that together we managed to raise $21,500 for this amazing cause.

With an incredible musical line-up headlined by blues and roots legends, The Beautiful Girls, a community of excellent individuals came together for a night of great tunes, excellent food and fresh, fresh beer. If you couldn’t make it to Byron, you can still jump on the Festival of the Stone vibes, by hitting up our playlist on Spotify, grabbing your own glass of Stone Beer and getting down by a warm fire.

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Time To Dabble In The Dark Arts!

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Time for Something Different and Delicious

If you’ve been a long-time fan of our iconic Original Pacific Ale, there’s some other things brewing.

Introducing Cloudy Pale Ale, Pacific Ale’s big brother, hitting venues and bottle shops this week and doing its job of making the world a bit more delicious.

It comes in a sexy burnt orange can, bottle or fresh from the tap and is perfect for those moments when the sun starts to go down on an epic day and the vibes start to come up.

So, are you ready for the step up to Cloudy? Let’s take a deep dive:

The Taste

Refreshing with tropical, stone fruit aromas and flavours, a smooth mouthfeel and low bitterness and malt, Cloudy has the beautiful golden haze you’ve come to expect from the legends on our brew deck.

The Stats

Hops: Late additions of dry Australian hops: Galaxy, Eclipse, Vic Secret, Ella and Enigma.

Malt: Wheat and Munich malts give this beer a golden hazy appearance, with smooth mouthfeel and low bitterness. 

ABV: 5%

Deliciousness: 100%

Food Pairings

Cloudy’s bold and refreshing flavour sees it pair well with just about any of your pub favourites: try it with your parmi/parma (don’t @ us), burger and fries or the classic fish and chips (see our beer batter recipe here). When you’re out of the pub, we also like to use Cloudy to quench the thirst that comes with a good curry.

The History

Our Stone & Wood Pale Ale originally launched as Cloud Catcher back in 2013. Although it had a pretty devoted fan base, we recognised the palate of the Australian drinker has progressed a lot since then and many had moved beyond its original flavour profile.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, our brewers spent months tinkering away with the recipe, making tweaks to Cloud Catcher’s flavour profile, adding additional dry hops and pulling back on the malt and bitterness. The result sees the tropical, stone fruit aromas and flavours more pronounced, a smoother mouthfeel and a hazier pour. The final result of all this tweaking: Cloudy Pale Ale.

Cloudy Pale Ale – Gimme Gimme Gimme

So, we’ve convinced you to try it/retry it – where can you get your hands on it? At all excellent venues, bottle shops and online at our Stone & Wood store.

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Time for Something Different and Delicious

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Stone Beer 2023 is coming

The season of the Stone is almost upon us.

Every winter, our brewers turn their mind to the fire and create the year’s unique batch of our rich, wood-fired porter, Stone Beer.

Using ancient brewing techniques, our brew team take hot volcanic stones and place them on a crackling fire, in the heart of our Byron Bay brewery.

We invite our closest friends from the industry to join us on the night, to help infuse the brew with the energy of a new year. The warm hearts and conversation held around the brewery fire become a part of that year’s Stone Beer story.

And so it was again in 2023.

Held in April, our Stone Beer Brew Day, saw this year’s winter seasonal take life with the mashing in of the grains on the brew deck and the individual placing of the stones into the fire. Followed by an intimate dinner, the spirit of comradery that’s synonymous with the Stone Beer brew continues.

So what has this year’s labour of love produced?

Stone Beer 2023 is decadent brew that begins with rich and chocolatey aromas, followed by dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and toffee flavours on the palate and finishes with a firm bitterness.

As with each year, Stone Beer 2023 will be tapped for the first time at our annual winter celebration, the party in homage to our dark brew – Festival of The Stone!

Taking place at our Byron Bay Brewery, Festival of the Stone is a celebration of beer and community, two of the big pillars in our company. As is tradition, on the first Saturday in June, our site will once again be filled with music, food and fresh Stone Beer flowing over the bars and into the hands of happy punters.

Beyond the festival, Stone Beer will be passing through our brewery gates and out into the wider world via our online store and select venues and bottle shops across the country.

For the Stone Beer devotee, returning for only the second time in Stone Beer history, we have an extremely limited run of Über.

Smooth and complex, Über is an Imperial Porter that is double barrel aged. Patiently rested for 20 months in rum barrels before it was finished in fresh whisky barrels for a further four months. Now this precious vintage is ready to be enjoyed by the lucky few.

A seductive midnight black beer, with a cracking 17.3% ABV, is served beneath a dense cream foam. Aromas of rich Belgian Chocolate and molasses flood the senses before decadent layers of vanilla bean, chocolate truffles, rum cake, and ripe cherries take hold.

Stone Beer and Über are the delicious results of the passion and dedication of our incredible brewing team. While they love producing the Stone & Wood classics, like Pacific Ale, year-round, adopting different techniques and working with different infredients allows their imaginations to take flight.

How can we do it different? How can we do it better? How do we do all this and stay true to its roots?

It’s these conversations and imagination that makes winter our time for dreaming and Stone Beer the product of this dedication.


Stone Beer 2023 will be available from Tuesday 13th June from our official Stone & Wood online store and at select venues and bottle shops nationally.

Über 2023 will be available only from our online store and will go on sale Thursday 22nd June. Be quick to get your hands on this epic brew – there’s only 300 available!

Festival of the Stone tickets are now on sale! Headlined by blues and roots legends, The Beautiful Girls, come and spend a night among friends and enjoy the freshest glass of Stone Beer going. Get tickets now before it’s too late!

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Stone Beer 2023 is coming

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A Hot Take On A Cool Drink.

Listen up les amis, our Counter Culture brewers have been busy cooking up a collaboration between the vine and the bine – a white-wine inspired ale, Plonk!

With pale malts and wheat, it’s a delicious drop with hints of vanilla and tannins imparted by American Oak.

Plonk tickles the tip of the nose with subtle tropical aromas then gets in full swing with a refined white-wine soul.

Coming in at 6.8%, Plonk! Is perfect for sharing with lovers…or for keeping it all to yourself.


But it can…and it has!

The first reported combination of this winning pair came back in the 1970s, when legendary Belgian brewers, Cantillon, used Muscat grapes to produce a delicate beer called Vigneronne.

Dogfish Head Brewery in the US expanded further on the idea in the 1990s and with the explosion of the craft beer industry over the two decades, more and more brewers have been trying their hand at combining the two arts. 

Currently in the US, brews that are a beer-wine hybrid are being termed an ‘oenobeer’. 

So far, the fun police haven’t put any restrictions around what actually determines an oenobeer, so brewers are free to put their own spin on things. Some beers are produced using grapes in the brewing process, some use just the juice, others consider a brew to be oenobeer if it was aged in a wine barrel.

With no limitations on the field, it means the category is wide open for experimentation and we’re stoked to throw our hat into the ring with Plonk!


Plonk! is delicate, tart and refreshing, which means it lends itself to foods that are on the lighter side of life – think seafood, a light aromatic curry, or a beautifully balanced cheeseboard.

As we’re well and truly in the cooler weather, PLONK! could be perfectly paired with a starter or entrée, before the menu moves onto heavier, richer mains. 


Our incredible in-house designer, Anders Rudin, got on the tools to create the amazing artwork for our latest Counter Culture release, drawing on inspiration from mid-century Italian and French design. 


You can pop Plonk in your basket from today with 500 ml two-packs and cartons available from our official online store, at our Brisbane and Byron breweries and select bottle shops around the country.




Hit us up with your thoughts on Plonk! on Insta or on Facebook.


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A Hot Take On A Cool Drink.

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We’re Hop-lessly Devoted.

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Stone & Wood x Brookie's x Flow Hive. Cheers to B Corp Month.

To celebrate B Corp month, we invited a few of our friends in the local B Corp community to come on down and brew a beer to celebrate the amazing achievements of the forward-thinking businesses in our region.

A B Corp Collab Beer

Stone & Wood x Brookie’s x Flow Hive

The beer, titled Too Mac & Bee-yond, is a Honey Macadamia Wheat Beer and was brewed using local Byron drop, Brookies Mac liqueur, and Flow Hive Harvested Honey.

For those lucky enough to live in, or be passing through, the Northern Rivers in the next few weeks, this delicious small-batch brew will be pouring at our Byron Brewery for a limited time only.

Wait, the beer sounds delicious, but…what’s a B Corp?

A B Corp company is a business that is meeting high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Put simply, the B Corp movement proves what’s possible when businesses think beyond profit. When they go beyond the expected. When they come together to prove beyond doubt that there’s a better way to do business.

Cool Cool Cool…so B Corp Month is??

Each year in March, the global B Corp community comes together to celebrate, educate and motivate broader audiences on what can be achieved if we choose to do business a little differently.

Follow the hashtag #WeGoBeyond on Insta or FB to see some of the amazing work that’s being done across the planet right now. It’s the kind of internet rabbit hole that will leave you feeling uplifted and pumped about what good business can look like.

One little overseas gem we discovered was Padstow Holliday Village in the UK who are making holidays more sustainable, including hiring out wooden body boards to their guests for free 🤙 

Where can I find other B Corps?

We’re lucky in Australia to have some outstanding companies working hard to make the world a better place as part of the B Corp community.

Here’s a list of just a few of our faves for you to check out. Hollar back with any of your best B Corp suggestions too!

Food & Beverage:

Cape Byron Distillery/Brookie’s Gin

Unico Zelo

Pablo & Rusty’s


Outland Denim




Flow Hive Honey

Who Gives A Crap



Services & Media:

Bank Australia


We Are Explorers To get the full picture on the B Corp movement and a full list of the B Corp businesses in Australia and New Zealand, head here

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Stone & Wood x Brookie's x Flow Hive. Cheers to B Corp Month.

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Product Recall Notice

Stone & Wood Brewing Co. are recalling the above product. The recalled product has been available for sale; online nationally; in Bottle shops and retail outlets in NSW, VIC and QLD; and Paul’s IGA Ringwood East in VIC.

Problem: The recall is due to the presence of an undeclared allergen – Milk.
Food safety hazard: Any consumers who have a milk allergy or intolerance may have a reaction if the product is consumed.

What to do: Consumers who have a milk allergy or intolerance should not consume this product. Customers should return the product to the place of purchase for a full cash refund. We apologise for any inconvenience.

For further information contact:
Stone & Wood
Ph: (02) 6685 5173
Email: [email protected]

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Product Recall Notice

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It’s Delicious, To Be Sure.

Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, the bustling brewers behind our Counter Culture range have created a beer that pays homage to the beloved island of Ireland – Éirinn.

That such a green and misty island could play home to such rebellious hearts,

And bear generations of saints, scholars and sinners fond of ale. 

To your fine traditions, we pay homage from across the seas. 

A brew of rich, dark beauty that swells with the spirit of Éire and continues the tapestry the exiles of Erin have stitched across the world. 

Éirinn is an Irish Cream Stout with notes of Irish cream, coffee and chocolate. Pouring black, with an off-white head and a silky-smooth finish, Éirinn comes in at 7% ABV making it a beer to be savoured, to be sure.


  • Irish Cream, Roasted coffee, chocolate aromas.
  • Dark, roasted malts.
  • Certified Sustainable Grain.
  • 7% ABV
  • Vanilla, and Caramel notes.

Contains: Lactose


Éirinn is available from today on our online store, hallowed venues and bottle shops around the country.



Want to be the first to quench your thirst on all our Counter Culture and Limited Release news? Head to our Beer Club page to become a Stone & Wood insider.

To be the first to hear about our next Counter Culture limited release, sign up below!

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It’s Delicious, To Be Sure.

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A Pink Lemonade Sour To Quench Your Night Fever.

Fresh from the marvelous minds of our best brewers, Disco Queen is the latest addition to our Counter Culture limited edition beer range.

On the floor of 54, a majestic beauty rules them all.

A dancing queen with a bright, pink presence, fills the room with her effervescence. 

She lures you in with her berry scent then spins you round with her tart intent.  The coolest cat on the scene, never pass up a dance with the Disco Queen.


Disco Queen is a pink, lemonade sour that is fruity, vibrant and tart. Made with pale and regenerative malts, handle this Queen with the respect she deserves by enjoying slowly or with a lover.

  • Raspberry and Lemon aromas
  • Pale Malts
  • Certified Sustainable Grain
  • 6% ABV


Like all the limited-release beers in the Counter Culture range, Disco Queen will be sold in packs of two 500ml cans and cartons our online store, in their Byron Bay and Brisbane breweries as well in excellent venues and bottle shops across the country. Disco Queen is now SOLD OUT online, you can try our breweries or selected stockists.

And for the true disco lovers, we have a VERY limited run of Disco Queen shirts to collect, but as all.

About Counter Culture

Launched in March 2019, the Counter Culture beers will release a new brew every 10 weeks or so, after which they’ll disappear. The range will also feature recipes never tried at Stone & Wood, as well as popular Pilot Batch beers from the past, collaboration brews and beer inspired by the broader brewing community.

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A Pink Lemonade Sour To Quench Your Night Fever.

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New Look For Our Beers.

Looking Fresh Just in time For Summer.

We’re stoked that most drinkers can spot a chilled Pacific Ale in the fridge from miles away, but when it comes to our other beers, well…they get a bit lost.

That’s why we’ve decided to give our other core range beers  Green Coast Lager, Cloud Catcher Pale Ale and Crisp – a glow up, so you can spot them, grab them and drink them, because…they’re also ridiculously refreshing and deserve some of the spotlight.

The upshot of this – is now all our core beers look like a family. One big, delicious family.


We’ve dialled up the Stone & Wood logo in the middle, so you know you’re in good hands straight away. Next, we’ve made the style of the beer (lager, pale ale, crisp) more obvious to take away any of the guess work.


Crisp is staying as refreshing as it is, but we are giving Green Coast and Cloud Catcher some minor tweaks as we move to include regenerative grain (sustainably grown malt) into these beers. In doing this we know we are doing the right thing by the only planet we know with beer on it, and are 100% sure our drinkers are with us on this environmentally positive move. With this change in the malt bill they may even notice a slight change in taste that’ll help how refreshing and drinkable the beers are too.


Nothing about Pacific Ale has changed: it’s all staying the same, brew method, taste, design. You don’t mess with an icon.


That’s the plan, but it’s a journey we’re just at the beginning of. Keep your eyes peeled and ask your local to get them in if they don’t stock them.


Our new look tinnies and bottles are hitting the shops this week, so you can take us everywhere with you this summer.

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New Look For Our Beers.

Looking Fresh Just in time For Summer.

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Beer in Cans vs. Bottles: The Key Difference

No doubt, one of the most heated debates in beer over recent years has been: what’s better – cans or bottles?

With the rise of brewers packaging up brews in both options these days, the attitude of ‘beer tasting better in bottles’ seems to be on its way out, as the preference for cans is on the rise.

Like most breweries, we started out only producing Stone & Wood in bottles, but over the last few years, we’ve released most of our range in cans as well. In fact, as the craft beer crowd prefer cans, our limited-release range,Counter Culture,is a can-only release.

At time of writing, our two most recent Counter Culture can-only releases.

So, does it have much of an effect on the final product? Some people think so – and no doubt you probably have a preference too. Let’s dive into the some of the key differences.


Let’s start at the beginning of our journey – the brewing process. Traditionally, beer was always brewed in dark glass bottles to prevent over-exposure to sunlight and oxygen – both of which can upset the delicate brewing process and turn beer bad.

Aluminium cans are very effective at blocking out sunlight and oxygen, due to their totally opaque outer shell and airtight seal. However, dark glass bottles are similarly effective. So, there’s no clear winner in this category, both hold the liquid effectively.



Due to the thickness of your typical glass beer bottle, there is a natural resistance to heat that can help keep your beer colder for longer when compared to an aluminium can.

This is likely more of an issue when enjoying a beer outside in the sun, or when you’re without a stubby cooler to insulate from the Aussie heat.

WINNER: Bottles, just.

Please always remember to be sun safe and protect your beer from the heat.

Hit up themerch shop, including ourGreen Feet stubby holder.


Beer cans and bottles come in a range of different sizes and pack set ups, all of which can affect the price point, as will the quality of the product.

In our case, our cans hold 375ml and come in a block of 16, with bottles holding 330ml and come in a case of 24. Our cans come in at a cheaper price point, making it the better choice for the hip pocket… but you do get slightly less beer.

WINNER:Cans for the cash concerned.


There’s no hiding the fact that beer bottles come in a bit heavier than cans. Although the difference when you’re holding just one is negligible, it’s definitely more noticeable when carrying 16 or 24 in a carton.

As a result, cans are the probably the better choice if you’re packing up an esky or if you’re taking some beers away with you on your camping trip.

WINNER: Cans (for the froth lover on the go).


If fridge space is at a premium, stackability of cans gives it the edge here, unless you have a big fridge where you can stand all those beautiful bottles up on one shelf. Nothing quite like opening the door to that sight after a long summer’s day.



The great news here is that both beer cans and bottles are recyclable.

With most Australian states now having can and bottle buyback schemes either already in place or planned for the future – recycling your beer cans and bottles has never been more accessible to the Aussie public.



Judging by this criteria, cans come in as the rational choice in the Cans vs. Bottles debate, but how we love our beer is the same as how we love a lot of things in life – with the heart. So as rational as these facts may be…maybe you’re just a bottle-lover? And we’re quite ok with that.


Currently, we offer our Pacific Ale, Cloud Catcher and Green Coast Lager in both bottles and cans, with our Jasper Ale, Garden Ale and Counter Culture beers all exclusively can-only. Take a look at ourfull range of beers today, all available for purchase online!

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Beer in Cans vs. Bottles: The Key Difference

No doubt, one of the most heated debates in beer over recent years has been: what’s better – cans or bottles?

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Stone & Wood X HPA - Edge Of The Galaxy

Stone & Wood X HPA - Edge Of The Galaxy

We’ve collaborated with HPA to create Edge Of The Galaxy. A strong hazy pale ale with 6% ABV, and 20 IBU. Delivering aromas of tropical stone fruit and a juicy lifeforce that holds the bitterness at bay for a full body finish.


Voyager Regen Malt, Barret Pale Malt, Barret Wheat Malt, Big O Malted Oats, Carared, Munich T1.


Galaxy, Vic Secret, BRU-1

Brew Notes from Head Brewer – Caolan

“Mash high to achieve full-bodied flavour and mouthfeel, and dry hop at start of fermentation to promote a stable haze.”


Beef, chicken or veggie burger with a side of chips.

With a beer in hand we invite you to immerse yourself among the bines of the HPA farm in Tasmania. From seedlings, to harvest, and on into the packing shed, let us take you on the journey

This release is exclusive to our Beer Club members. Delivered in 4 x 375ml cans. Not available for sale.


Reading times: 2 mins

Stone & Wood X HPA - Edge Of The Galaxy

Stone & Wood X HPA - Edge Of The Galaxy

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After The Harvest... is here.

Enjoy the Fruits Of Our Labour…

Pouring like sunshine into the glass, bursts of banana, citrus and spices fill the air as we slow down and take time to appreciate the fruits of our labour.

Combining tradition and progress, Counter Culture has taken the centuries old Belgian-Witbier and brought it into the future with the use of regenerative grain in the brew and adding lashings of Yuzu for its zesty twist.

Made with Hallertau Hops, After the Harvest is juicy, fruity and spicy with a dry finish, making it the perfect house guest.


After The Harvest, Imperial Yuzu Witbier is is NOW SOLD OUT ONLINE. You can still try finding this release at our Byron and Brisbane breweries, and other excellent venues and bottle shops.

To be the first to hear about our next Counter Culture limited release, sign up below!

Can’t get enough Counter Culture? 

You can get each new release delivered directly to your door by joining the Stone & Wood Beer Club. Membership also includes access to exclusive events, insider content and an online community full of frothers. Head here to find out more. 

Be sure to follow @counterculturebeer to be the first across all the brewing magic.

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After The Harvest... is here.

Enjoy the Fruits Of Our Labour…

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Edge of the Earth, Tassie IPA

Down below the Strait, dark whispers beckon you into the last great wild, a place where the veil between the known world and the beyond becomes thin. Past flourishing bines and cool mountain streams, you venture ever south.

A land of ancient mystic, your passage crosses mountain ranges and decaying sandstone walls. This journey takes you places never seen. It takes you to the Edge Of The Earth.

Born in the hop fields of Tasmania, Edge of the Earth flourishes with intense aromas of citrus and tropical stone fruits. Pouring bright and golden with a thick white head, it was consciously brought to life with sustainably grown Australian malt which gives it a subtly sweet, malty backbone.

Of course, there’s more to the tale than just this, but to know more, you’ll have to surrender your senses and let us take you on a journey


Edge Of The Earth is NOW SOLD OUT ONLINE, you can still try finding this release at our Byron and Brisbane breweries, and other excellent venues and bottle shops.

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Edge of the Earth, Tassie IPA

Let Us Take You On A Journey.

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Been Missin' Our Strawberry Sundae Kissin?

Our Juicy Tribute to A QLD Icon Returns.

Back for its third year, our strawberry and cream sour sensation – Strawberry Sundae Kisses – has returned and is bubbling away in our Brisbane Brewery, getting ready for an early August release.

Packed with 60kg of Queensland strawberries, this gorgeous little limited-edition is not only delicious, but has a heart of gold.

Each year, proceeds from our Strawberry Sundae Kisses, sold exclusively from our Brisbane Brewery, are directed to The Common Good, the fundraising initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane.

For 33 years, the Royal Queensland Show- the Ekka –  provided The Common Good with one of its biggest fundraising drives of the year, with the sales of its iconic Strawberry Sundaes going direct to the charity.

So, in 2020 when the Ekka was cancelled (for the first time) due to Covid restrictions, our Brisbane Head Brewer, Mick Barnes got curious about how we could get on board to help the cause.

The result: Strawberry Sundae Kisses.

Based on the traditional Berliner Weisse beer style, brewed with fresh strawberries, lactose and vanilla added during fermentation for a creamy, delectable beer with hints of Ekka strawberry sundaes.

For the past two years, the legends of Southeast Queensland have absolutely got behind our delicious homage, with the brew selling out both years in a matter of weeks.

This year, with the Ekka back on (touching wood, crossing fingers), we’re thrilled to continue to be a part of The Common Good story, with the 2022 Strawberry Sundae Kisses batch being sold not just at our Fortitude Valley Brewery, but also at the big old show itself!

You can grab a glass of SSK in the phenomenal Craft Beer Alley at this year’s Ekka while chomping down on the original Ekka classic, Strawberry Sundae.

As with previous years, all proceeds from the sales of Strawberry Sundae Kisses will go towards The Common Good and all the amazing work that takes place at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brissie.

Catch Strawberry Sundae Kisses at our Brisbane Brewery from Thursday 4 August and at the Royal Queensland Show from Saturday 6 August.

Follow our Brisbane brewery on Insta @stoneandwoodbrisbane

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Been Missin' Our Strawberry Sundae Kissin?

Our Juicy Tribute to A QLD Icon Returns.

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Stone Beer 2022 Has Arrived. Where To Get It.

The New Stone Age.


Pouring dark brown, this decadent brew begins with rich and chocolatey aromas, followed by dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and toffee flavours on the palate and finishes with a firm bitterness.

But there’s much more to this beer than just delicious indulgence.

For the first time in Stone Beer history, we’re thrilled to announce Stone Beer 2022 is made using regenerative grain. Sourced from farms that replenish and restore the earth they toil, it is our hope with further adaptation to this way of farming, there will be many more vintages of Stone Beer to come. 

While we’re embracing the future, Stone Beer will always be a homage to the past. Created each year using ancient brewing techniques, our brewers set volcanic rock into a burning hot fire, before adding them glowing red to the kettle. This rouses the boil and intensifies the beer’s malt character.

Best enjoyed with mates by a fire somewhere, we also suggest pairing this dark beauty with a rich chocolate cake or a serving of nonna’s tiramisu.



A very limited number of Stone Beer Vintage Packs is only available from our online store. For the Stone Beer devotee, the Vintage Pack comes with a traditional ceramic crock filled with our delicious 2021 Barrel Aged Stone Beer brew, plus a cheeky taster of 2022 Stone Beer on the side.


You can now buy Stone Beer 2022 through our online store or find your nearest stockist below. Give them a call before heading out to ensure it’s in stock. It’s also available from our Brisbane and Byron Bay Tasting Room.


Wood Fired Porter 

HOPS: Tettnang

MALTS: Barret’s pale, Voyager Chocolate, Voyager Voodoo, Voyager SM40, Voyager Biscuit, Voyager Amber.

YEAST: New England Ale Yeast

OTHER: Ground Wattleseed

ALC/VOL: 6.4%


Find your nearest stockist below, and give them a call before heading out to ensure it’s in stock! Note: Listing will be updated in the weeks ahead as word gets out.

Stone Beer 2022 stockists

Find your nearest stockist below, and give them a call before heading out to ensure it’s in stock! Note: Listing will be updated in the weeks ahead as word gets out.


Sydney & Surrounds
Oak Barrel, Sydney Dove & Olive Hotel, Surry Hills
Clock Hotel, Surry Hills Union Hotel, Newtown
Sackville Hotel, Rozelle Keg and Brew, Surry Hills
Camperdown Cellars, Darlinghurst Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove
Camperdown Cellars (Kingston Rd), Camperdown Manly Warringah Rugby Leagues, Manly
Camperdown Cellars (Parramatta Rd), Camperdown George IV, Picton
Porters Liquor, Surry Hills Harbord Hotel, Freshwater
Ambarvale Hotel Highfield (Carringbah)
Charlies Liquor Barn
Thirsty Cellars, Picton
Craft Cartel Liquor
Cromer Cellars
North Curl Curl Cellars
Winona Wine, Manly
Knickerbocker Hotel, Bathurst
Porters, North Narrabeen
Sydney Wine, Beer & Spirits
Harbord Hotel, Freshwater
Manly Liquor Stop
Camperdown Cellars (Neutral Bay)
Jims Cellars (Waitara)
Beer Cartel, Atarmon
Dee Why Hotel
Belrose Hotel
Steve’s Cool Booze
Crown West Cellars
The Woollahra Hotel
Loftus Liquor
Bondi Beach Cellars
Bottle O’Briens
Camperdown Cellars (Bronte)
Camperdown Cellars (Double Bay)
Kemeny’s Food + Liquor
Mascot Liquor
Coogee Bay Hotel
Manning Street Cellars
Spot Cellars, The – Randwick
Newcastle, Central Coast & Surrounds
Warners at the Bay, Warners Bay Hamilton Station Hotel, Islington
Bottle-O, Lambton Junction Inn Hotel, Raymond Terrace
Blueys Cellars, Bluey’s Beach Prince of Wales Hotel, Merewether
Bottle-O, Wickham Beauford Hotel, Mayfield
McCauley’s Bottleshop, Salamander Bay
Morpeth Liquor Store
Oldfield Cellars
Cellarbrations, Adamstown
Bamvino Cellars, East Gosford
Old Bar Cellars
Whitebridge Cellars
Regal Inn, Tenambit
Redhead Cellars
Northern Rivers
Bangalow Hotel, Bangalow Bangalow Hotel, Bangalow
The Eltham Hotel, Eltham Rails, Byron Bay
Curious Craft Ales, Lismore The Eltham Hotel, Eltham
Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay North Byron Hotel (Sun Bistro), Byron Bay
Cellar, Bangalow Imperial Hotel, Murwillumbah
Cellar (Lawson St), Byron Bay
Cellar (Plaza), Byron Bay
Park Hotel Motel, Suffolk Park
Sunrise Cellars, Byron Bay
Lennox Hotel, Lennox Head
The Bottle Shop, East Ballina
Station Hotel, Lismore
Clunes Cellar and Store, Clunes
Cellar, Ballina
The Mez Club, Byron Bay
North Byron Hotel (Sun Bistro), Byron Bay
Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
Murwillumbah Cellars, Murwillumbah
Ocean Shores Tavern, Ocean Shores
Kingscliff Cellars, Kingscliff
Crabbes Creek General Store, Crabbes Creek
Cabarita Beach Hotel, Cabarita Beach
Rob Roy Deli & Drinks, Tweed Heads
BYO Cellars, Coffs Harbour
Yamba Liquor Supplies, Yamba
Salt Bar, Kingscliff
Coffs Harbour & New England
BYO Cellars, Coffs Harbour Flowbar, Old Bar
Tacking Point Tavern Element Bar
BRGR SPOT WhiteBull Hotel
Tamworth Hotel
Palmers Store and cellar
Blue Mountains & Central West
Kelly’s Irish Pub Mudgee Station Bar, Katoomba
Knickerbocker Hotel, Bathurst George Hotel, Bathurst
Leura Cellars
Carrington Hotel (Katoomba)
South Coast, Snowfields & Riverina
Union Club Hotel, Wagga Wagga Waterfront Tavern, Shell Cove
Wagga Cellars Jindabyne Emporium, Jindabyne
Berry IGA Plus Liquor
Berry Bottleshop, Berry
Thirroul Cellars


Gold Coast
Pacific Fair Wine & Beer, Broadbeach Waters The Loose Moose Taphouse, Broadbeach
Hope Island Cellars, Hope Island House of Brews, Surfers Paradise
The Boat House Tavern, Coomera Backbone Bar & Kitchen
Advancetown Hotel, Nerang Bine Bar & Dining
Saltwater Creek Hotel, Helensvale Lake Brewhouse (Varsity Lakes)
Steampunk (Thirsty Camel), Surfers Paradise
Ashmore Tavern, Ashmore
Pimpama Tavern, Pimpama
Ferry Road Wine and Beer, Southport
Palm Beach Cellars
Tugun Cellars
Coolangatta Hotel
Robina Tavern
Mill Cellars, The
Treetops Tavern
Mermaid Beach Tavern
Black Sheep Bottle Shop, St Lucia Mr Edward’s Alehouse & Kitchen, Brisbane
Black Sheep Bottleshop, Everton Hills Transcontinental Hotel, Brisbane
Black Sheep Bottle Shop, Hendra Brew Cafe & Wine Bar, Brisbane
The Prince Consort Hotel, Fortitude Valley Miss Demeanour, Brisbane
Cellarbrations, Bowen Hills Archive, West End
Stafford Cellars, Stafford Ze Pickle, Camp Hill
Stafford Tavern, Stafford Brisbane German Club, East Brisbane
Prince Alfred Hotel, Ipswich Streetcorner Jimmy, Teneriffe
Northside Cellars, Ipswich Cloudland, Fortitude Valley
Cellarbrations – Mackenzie Row, East Toowoomba Prince Alfred Hotel, Ipswich
Black Sheep Bottle Shop (The Gap) Fitzy’s Toowoomba, Toowoomba
Hotel Monier Grand Central Hotel, Brisbane
Aspley Hotel Isle Lane, Brisbane
Cellarbrations – Mitchelton Elysium Lakeside
Cellarbrations – Wavell Heights
Pig N Whistle (Brunswick St)
Prince Alfred Hotel
Hotel Monier
Alexandra Hills Hotel
The Glen Hotel
Sunshine Coast
The Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate The Dock, Mooloolaba
Narangba Valley Tavern, Narangba Mr Henderson, Sandgate
Yandina Hotel
Hotel Maroochydore
Torquay Hotel, Hervey Bay
Beach House Hotel, Hervey Bay
Charlies Hotel, Gympie


Melbourne & Surrounds
Purvis Richmond Retreat Hotel, The (Abbotsford)
Cellar 1839, Northcote Woodlands Hotel, Coburg
McCoppins (Fitzroy) Great Northern Hotel (Carlton)
Local Cellars (Royal Hotel)
Blackhearts and Sparrows
Cellars Bentleigh
Chas Cole Cellars
Lord Nelson Bottle-O
Vin Wine & Spirits
Ascot Vale Foodworks
Vin Wine & Spirits
Montys of Williamstown
Newport Cellars
P Y Liquor
Hudsons Road Wine & Beer
Cellarbrations Tottenham
Cellarbrations Yarraville
Harvest Cellars
Brighton Bay Cellars
Purvis Richmond
Coopers Inn
Geelong & Surf Coast
Corks Crew Cellars Torquay
Regional VIC
The Park Werribee


Sunshine Coast
Supaexpress Red Hill Durham Castle Arms, Kingston
Jerrabomberra Hotel
Prohibition Bottle Shop (Kingston)
Prohibition Bottleshop (Curtin)


Adelaide & Surrounds
Kentish Hotel, North Adelaide


Perth & Surrounds
Nieuw Ruin, Fremantle
Strange Company, Fremantle
Mane Liquor
Scarborough Cellars
Dutch Trading Co
Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants
Cellarbrations Carlisle
Cellarbrations Vic Park
Devine Cellars
Old Bridge Cellars Como
Old Bridge Cellars
Dunsborough Cellars
Jetty Bar and Eats
Nieuw Ruin
Liquor Barons Marmion
Cape Cellars Busselton
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Stone Beer 2022 Has Arrived. Where To Get It.

The New Stone Age.

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Green Coast Lager Wins #2 In The World.

Sweet Silver Linings.

Last week our delicious Green Coast Lager wins Silver in its category at the World Beer Cup held in the USA. 

The most prestigious beer competition in the world – commonly known as the Beer Olympics – Green Coast Lager came second in the Kellerbier or Zwickelbier category, a category historically dominated by European breweries.

For those without an in-depth beer knowledge: a Kellerbier or Zwickelbier beer is an unfiltered European-style lager that has yeast present.

With over 2,493 breweries competing in the Cup from 57 countries, we are stoked at what this great lager has been able to achieve on the world stage. 

Originally known as Stone & Wood Lager, Green Coast was the first beer to be bottled by Stone & Wood and from 2008 made its way around venues and bottle shops in the Northern Rivers before branching out across the country. 

Brewed with food accompaniment in mind, Green Coast Lager is a balance of subtly spicy hops with a soft malt profile. 

Now 14 years on from its origin, the Green Coast Lager family also includes an easy drinking, modern lager: Green Coast Lager Crisp. 

Lover of beer and long time Stone & Wood ambassador Viren Goundrie breaks down this European-style lager and its role in our lineup of beers. Crack a coldie and press play.

You can find our original Green Coast Lager winner and Green Coast Lager Crisp at our online store and at bottle shops and venues across the country.

And last but not least – a special shout out from the Cup goes to our fellow Aussies who also got on the podium this year: Bucketty’s Brewing who received Bronze for their Pale Ale No.2 and Urban Alley who also won Bronze for Slapshot.

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Green Coast Lager Wins #2 In The World.

Sweet Silver Linings.

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