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A Hot Take On A Cool Drink.

A Hot Take On A Cool Drink.

Listen up les amis, our Counter Culture brewers have been busy cooking up a collaboration between the vine and the bine – a white-wine inspired ale, Plonk!

With pale malts and wheat, it’s a delicious drop with hints of vanilla and tannins imparted by American Oak.

Plonk tickles the tip of the nose with subtle tropical aromas then gets in full swing with a refined white-wine soul.

Coming in at 6.8%, Plonk! Is perfect for sharing with lovers…or for keeping it all to yourself.


But it can…and it has!

The first reported combination of this winning pair came back in the 1970s, when legendary Belgian brewers, Cantillon, used Muscat grapes to produce a delicate beer called Vigneronne.

Dogfish Head Brewery in the US expanded further on the idea in the 1990s and with the explosion of the craft beer industry over the two decades, more and more brewers have been trying their hand at combining the two arts. 

Currently in the US, brews that are a beer-wine hybrid are being termed an ‘oenobeer’. 

So far, the fun police haven’t put any restrictions around what actually determines an oenobeer, so brewers are free to put their own spin on things. Some beers are produced using grapes in the brewing process, some use just the juice, others consider a brew to be oenobeer if it was aged in a wine barrel.

With no limitations on the field, it means the category is wide open for experimentation and we’re stoked to throw our hat into the ring with Plonk!


Plonk! is delicate, tart and refreshing, which means it lends itself to foods that are on the lighter side of life – think seafood, a light aromatic curry, or a beautifully balanced cheeseboard.

As we’re well and truly in the cooler weather, PLONK! could be perfectly paired with a starter or entrée, before the menu moves onto heavier, richer mains. 


Our incredible in-house designer, Anders Rudin, got on the tools to create the amazing artwork for our latest Counter Culture release, drawing on inspiration from mid-century Italian and French design. 


You can pop Plonk in your basket from today with 500 ml two-packs and cartons available from our official online store, at our Brisbane and Byron breweries and select bottle shops around the country.




Hit us up with your thoughts on Plonk! on Insta or on Facebook.



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