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Responsible drinking starts with our East Point Low-Alcohol Beer

It’s no secret that hazy beers are the go-to choice for craft beer lovers these days. Made from malted barley, wheat and hops, there is no shortage of flavour in here. What you get instead is a pale ale that packs more tropical flavours than you know what to do with.

Best of all, you don’t even have to be a keen beer fan to enjoy one.


Hazy beers get their name from the ‘cloudy hue produced by the type of yeast used. High-protein malts are added, and the beer is dry-hopped during the brewing process to produce a hazy-look.

This results in a beer that is fuller, smoother, and fruitier tasting than your average Indian Pale Ale or lager. You can easily tell a hazy apart from the clear, sparkling finish of your old man’s favourite beer.

The hazy beer’s roots can be traced back to a fairly recent subclass of IPAs known as New England IPAs (NEIPAs). As the name suggests, the origin story begins in the New England region in the North East of the USA (Vermont to be exact) where beers in this category are known for their juicy scents and tangy flavour.

Over time, the “haze craze” took over the local craft beer scene doing the rounds, before eventually making its way over to our shores in the early part of the last decade.


Our East Point hazy beer is the first low-alcohol beer on the market, coming in at just 2.7% alc/vol. When less is more, this lightly soured refreshment quenches the thirst without skimping out. We like to think of it like when salt spray lifts off the wave, hits your face and lingers in the air
Inspired by Australia’s most easterly point, near which our Byron Bay brewery is located, the low-alc hazy beer is perfect for long afternoons, midday sessions or anything else that calls for a responsible approach.


We brew the East Point onsite, using the protein and polyphenols from malts and hops to form a colloidal haze in the beer. The particular type of haze is considered non-biological due to the lack of bacteria and yeast agents here.

The combination of fresh ingredients and a distinctive brewing process gives it that zesty bomb and subtle sourness that you love, without the unintended “after-effects” (you know what we’re talking about).


Pick up the East Point online in 16x 375ml cartons. You can also grab a four-pack from our Byron bay Tasting Room and our brewery in Brisbane and online. This smaller sampler pack is ideal for getting your first taste of this unique low alcohol hazy beer!


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