The Gatherer Cocktail: Dancing In The Moonlight

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Get your cocktail mixing skills on at home!

Get your cocktail mixing skills on at home!

With a twist of real watermelon, cucumber and mint & hopped with Galaxy, The Gatherer is beer – but not as you know it. With its blush hue and zesty flavour, this beer challenges preconceived notions about ‘regular beer’. Get creative – serve it up with a slice of citrus and fresh mint in a stemless glass, if you like.

The Gatherer cocktail series introduces Brisbane’s brewing and hospitality elite, who we’ve tasked with showcasing The Gatherer in a cocktail. Meet mix-master Ethan Tonna from Canvas Club and the mouth-watering creation he has mixed – ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’

‘What’s more Australian than a summer smashable & festivals? Bringing together the beautiful flavours of The Gatherer & complimenting them with blueberry, Kakadu Plum & grapefruit; I’ve made the perfect summer drink to have a boogie with while staying fresh & cool in the sun. I wanted to show off the freshness that The Gatherer brings to the table, not being afraid to stand out and be different than the rest’ – Ethan Tonna, Canvas Club

Give Ethan’s cocktail a go! Full recipe below:

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  • Tulip glass


  • Mint with sugar dust, cucumber flower & blueberry skewer


  • Shake
  • Single strain over ice
  • Top with Gatherer


  • 45ml watermelon infused Bianco tequila
  • 30ml blueberry, grapefruit & mint oleo
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 2 dashes grapefruit bitters
  • 5ml Kakadu plum extract
  • 105ml The Gatherer

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