The Gatherer Cocktail feat. Rosé Vermouth

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Get mixing at home with this delicious beer & cocktail recipe.

Get mixing at home with this delicious beer & cocktail recipe.

With a twist of real watermelon, cucumber and mint & hopped with Galaxy, The Gatherer is beer – but not as you know it. With its blush hue and zesty flavour, this beer challenges preconceived notions about ‘regular beer’. Get creative – serve it up with a slice of citrus and fresh mint in a stemless glass, if you like.

The Gatherer cocktail series introduces Brisbane’s brewing and hospitality elite, who we’ve tasked with showcasing The Gatherer in a cocktail.

On the mix-up stage, we have Liam Shephard from Byblos Bar with his The Gatherer x Rosé Vermouth cocktail dubbed ‘Far Far Away’ which landed Liam a spot in the finals of our The Gatherer cocktail comp.

‘I wanted to really bring out & amplify all of the flavours in The Gatherer while creating something absolutely crushable. The passionfruit & peach bring out the fruity notes in the galaxy hops, the mint brings out the freshness of The Gatherer’s ingredients while the lime adds a zesty undertone. The rose vermouth compliments the blush hue of The Gatherer, while adding complexity to the bitter notes of the beer & balancing the sweetness of the honey. The result looks like a tiki drink perfect for the beach & with the lower ABV you could drink it all day long’ – Liam Shephard, Byblos.

You can view Liam’s full The Gatherer cocktail recipe below – get creative at home with this one.

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  • Highball/tall cocktail glass


  • Mint sprig & pressed watermelon


  • Build all ingredients
  • Add crushed ice & churn
  • Cap with crushed ice & garnish


  • 45 ml Rose Vermouth
  • 15 ml fresh lime Juice
  • 10 ml Creme de Peche
  • 10ml Honey Water (2:1)
  • 10 ml Passionfruit puree
  • 6-8 Mint Leaves
  • 100ml The Gatherer

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