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Delicious salt cured sea mullet 🍻 paired with Green Coast Lager

Delicious salt cured sea mullet paired with Green Coast Lager

Watch the full film feat. Chef Josh Lopez

“There’s nothing more powerful than sitting in a Queensland restaurant and being served some of the world’s best produce – because that’s what we have in this country,” says Josh Lopez, the celebrated chef and owner of The Wolfe restaurant in East Brisbane.

We have a unique opportunity to create memorable food and drink experiences with our hearts, our brains and our hands. 

With 16 years of cooking under his belt, a Brisbane Times Good Food Guide ‘Chef of the Year’ accolade and experience at some of Brisbane and the world’s best-known restaurants, Josh Lopez knows a thing or two about creating memorable experiences through quality ingredients and flavours. Naturally, we’re thrilled to have partnered with Josh on our Simple Moment chef series, with Episode Two shot from his kitchen at The Wolfe (see video above).

In the years prior to 2011, El Salvador-born Josh was the head chef of iconic Brisbane restaurants Moda, Two Small Roons and Spring before completing a three-month stint under renowned chef René Redzepi at noma in Copenhagen, named the world’s best restaurant several times. More recently, he was head chef at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).  

Recognised for drawing inspiration from his local area and even fine art during his time at GOMA, Josh is passionate about collaborating with food growers and producers who, according to him, each have their own story to tell.

For Episode Two of our Simple Moments chef series, Josh prepared lightly salt cured sea mullet with finely shaved rockmelon, fennel fronds, fennel flowers and a lemon myrtle dressing – a combination of Australian ingredients and botanicals that reflect Josh’s approach to cooking with terroir in mind (that is, how the environment affects an ingredient).

Josh paired the sea mullet with our Green Coast Lager, whose crisp, naturally refreshing flavours provided a clean lager profile and palate-cleanser to match the dish’s sweet and salty elements.

To help Brisbane locals eat well during COVID-19 restrictions on dining out and social gatherings, The Wolfe is now offering pick-up and delivery meals and tacos – among them lobster rolls, fish tacos and scallop chips with lemon myrtle mayo.

With a handful of well-known Brisbane chefs, Josh is also part of Feed the Frontline, an initiative that funds food vouchers with community donations for frontline workers to redeem at participating restaurants, including The Wolfe – helping to support frontline workers and keep restaurants operating. Cheers to that!

Grab a carton of Green Coast Lager via our online store now. Use coupon code FREEDELIVERY at the checkout to receive free shipping Australia wide.


Josh was kind enough to hand over the recipe for the delicious dish featured in the video above. Give it a try at home!


Serves 4
2x 1kg sea mullet – filleted, pin boned and skin taken off

Curing mix
300g table salt
200g white sugar
1tsp cracked fennel seeds

1x small candy melon or rock melon
50g slivered almonds – toasted
50g prawn legs – fried in oil
2 sprigs bronze fennel
fennel flowers (optional)

Lemon myrtle dressing
40ml caramelised chardonnay vinegar
100ml grapeseed oil
4 drops organic lemon myrtle essential oil
small pinch dried lemon myrtle

Begin this recipe 4 days in advance.
Mix together the curing mix of salt, sugar and fennel seeds in a bowl. Once combined, rub the fillets of sea mullet generously with the curing mix and place into a clean high sided container. Allow to cure for 3 days or until firm. Clean off salt with running water and pat dry with paper. Place back into fridge overnight to dry. Using a sharp knife or electronic meat slicer, cut into very thin slivers. Set aside.

For the melon, carefully remove skin with a knife and scoop out inner seeds. Using the same technique as the fish, cut into similar thin slices. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl whisk together the ingredients for the dressing. Once emulsified, set aside.

To plate the dish. Measure 50g of cured fish and 60g sliced melon per person. Pour over a good splash of the dressing. Combine gently with hands until glossy. Place onto a plate delicately allowing the slices to keep their structure. Drizzle with remaining dressing and garnish with toasted almonds, fried prawn legs, bronze fennel and fennel flowers. Enjoy with a cold Stone and Wood Green Coast lager.


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