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We believe that beer can be a force for good - and it’s been a key part of who we are since we opened our doors.

We believe that beer can be a force for good - and it’s been a key part of who we are since we opened our doors.

Since Day One at Stone & Wood, connection to community has always been a driving force for our business. Each year, we receive enormous support from the close-knit communities that surround us, here in our home base of the Northern Rivers, in Queensland and across the country. Because of this, we’re always looking for grassroots ways we can get involved and give back.

Likewise, we’ve always aimed to keep the environmental impacts of our brewing processes as minimal as possible, as we believe nurturing and protecting the environment that surrounds you is an integral piece in doing good business.

The B Corp certification provides guidelines and standards of what it means to be a great business and helps us to keep returning to these principles.

 You’ve probably noticed the B Corp symbol popping up on more and more of the things you love lately. But what exactly is it ? Let us help you break it down.


A B Corp is a company that is certified for meeting high standards of transparency and accountability, as well as excellent environmental and social performance across all aspects of the business.

The B Corp movement exists to inspire businesspeople to balance purpose against profit and to empower consumers to make ethical choices.

So how do we incorporate these guidelines into our aim to use beer as a force for good?

We engage in best environmental practices in our day-to-day through our Green Feet sustainability program and we connect to our communities through our not-for-profit arm, the inGrained Foundation. inGrained is where we work with local charities at a grassroots level to help improve the lives of those around us.

 After all, helping out our mates is in our company’s DNA.


B Corp certifications are issued by a not-for-profit organisation called B Lab, whose mission is to harness the power of business to impact the world for the better.

Around the globe, there are approximately 5,000 B Corps like Stone & Wood that lead the way to achieving this mission by embracing a ‘we over me,’ mentality.


A B Corp certification is not just recognition, but rather a symbol of ongoing commitment towards sustainability and ethical practices. And there’s no time for sitting on your laurels – B Corp certifications get reviewed every three years!

To get re-certified, B Corps are provided with a roadmap to aid them in identifying key areas of improvement and setting new targets.

At Stone & Wood, we were able to improve our score from 82.1 to 83.7 when we were last recertified, with our results underlined by a strong performance in the environment category.

We were stoked to see the actions we’ve taken in innovating our manufacturing process to reduce our use of water and electricity and output of waste has us on the right track.

Overall, we’re pumped to keep improving our practices and furthering our impact for years to come!


We knew that getting our efforts formally acknowledged by BLab could help Aussie beer drinkers make informed decisions that aligned with their own values.

It was a no brainer for us as B Corporation certification is so closely aligned with what we value most; our community, our people and the natural environment we all rely on.


We’re extremely proud to be recognised as part of the outstanding B Corp Community and to be continuing to push for even better scores in the future.

Now that’s something to raise a glass to!

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