Refreshing with tropical, stone fruit aromas and flavours, a smooth mouthfeel and low bitterness and malt, Cloudy has the beautiful golden haze you’ve come to expect from the legends on our brew deck. Sits at an ABV of 5%.


Cloudy’s bold and refreshing flavour sees it pair well with just about any of your pub favourites: try it with your bangas & mash, parmi/parma (don’t @ us), burger and fries or the classic fish and chips. When you’re out of the pub, we also like to use Cloudy to quench the thirst that comes with a good curry.


If you’ve been a long-time fan of our iconic Original Pacific Ale, it might be time to try something different. Introducing Cloudy Pale Ale, Pacific Ale’s big brother, hitting venues and bottle shops this week and doing its job of making the world a bit more delicious.

It comes in a sexy burnt orange can, bottle or fresh from the tap and is perfect for those moments when the sun starts to go down on an epic day and the vibes start to come up. Read more on our blog for the backstory.


Did you know that we donate $1 for every 100L of beer sold to our inGrained Foundation? Through inGrained we support local-level social and environmental organisations who are changing our communities from the ground up. So just by drinking this beer, you’re helping Aus become that little bit gooder.

Love the passionfruit’tiness, bitter and clean after taste. 


Loved this brew. Will buy and drink again.


I enjoyed it, great looking beer, holds up well in the glass, great nose which always helps. An authentic pale ale for me. Good work!


Always been a big fan of Pacific Ale and Cloud Catcher, Cloudy is just gone next level!

Mick L
  • From Coldie to Compost: A Love Story


    Welcome to Stone & Wood’s Regenerating Our Backyard Series, a look into the ways in which the coldie in your hand can help create a better future for the environment that supports us.  

    As a business, we’ve aimed to tread lightly on the earth since Day One. We’ve taken measures to reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources and produce less waste, but how can we do better? By thinking outside the box and working with like-minded friends from the farming and brewing communities, we’re making new pathways into a greener future.

    In this, our first episode from the series, we look at how our brewers and a network of local farmers work together to close the loop on waste and produce some of the richest soil in the Northern Rivers.

     Our brewers working with local farmers

    As part of the brewing process, each tank of delicious Pacific Ale produced also creates a yeast waste byproduct. In 2015, rather than committing this product to traditional waste systems, Stone & Wood teamed up with local legends, Coastal Feeds, to take the nutrient-dense waste from all our beers to create a rich compost for organic farmers.  

    Hamish Brace from Coastal Feeds said their core goal is to continually improve the quality of soil health for farmers and the yeast waste from Stone & Wood beer is a key ingredient towards achieving that.

    “Because you’re brewing quality beer (no preservatives etc) you’re using good materials and that’s always in my favour to produce a good compost.”

    Yeast waste byproduct from Stone&Wood Pacific Ale Beer

    From the hands of Hamish and team at Coastal Feeds, this beer-boosted compost goes on to feed the rich fields of local organic farmers, like Rod Bruin of Summit Organics.

    The rich compost delivery helps tackle what is a big concern for Rod and many sustainable farmers - the limited nutrient life of soil. Working with a finite resource, farmers like Rod believe that tying up nutrient loops, like replenishing the soil with our brewer’s waste, is a way we can give back to soil’s health and keep the nutrient cycle going.

    “The Stone & Wood compost brew we get off Coastal Feeds it’s the highest nutrient compost of any of the composts available locally,’ said Rod.

    The whole point of compost in sustainable farming is we’re not feeding the plants, we’re feeding the soil. And in the soil is the microorganisms and the fungi, they’ll feed the plants. They’ve got this whole gig going where they help each other out. Bit like what we’re trying to do.”

    Farmer harvesting carrots

    Both Rod and Hamish believe that small, local actions and solid human relationships are the best way forward to ensure a greener tomorrow.

    Hamish from Coastal Feeds said, “We can minimise our impact on the world with a lot of small actions. It’s guided sometimes by bigger actions, but on the ground, it’s the activity of the people in the community and how they can work together to create solutions.”

    Similarly, our farmer (and part-time philosopher) Rod said, “I think it’s essential in order for us to move forward on this planet, we have to become more local and build up human relationships, long-lasting human relationships. I think that’s where the future’s at.”

    Farmer harvesting lettuce

    To get a deeper understanding on how we’re trying to close the loop on waste and have a positive impact on the environment that surrounds us, head here to watch the first episode in the Regenerating Our Backyard Series.

    More good news to come…

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    From Coldie to Compost: A Love Story

    We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Regenerating Our Backyard film series. Since day one, we’ve tried to balance brewing beer and taking care of the earth that supports us. In...

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  • What is Stone & Wood beer made of?

    Our beer is made of the right stuff. Your favourite Stone & Wood beer is brewed with locally sourced ingredients and fuelled by our passion for good. We’ve done traditional brewing a little differently. And we’re inspired by the charm of our Byron Bay home.

    From the core range to our limited releases, each of our beers and beverages has its own story. Discover here what your favourite Stone & Wood beer is made from.

    So, what’s in beer?

    Since its earliest days, our beer has always been that humble combination of malted barley, sugars, hops and yeast - fermented to perfection.

    We’ve been creative with this recipe; experimenting with Australian malt blends, hop varieties and sugar sources. Our craft brewery has refreshed beer classics like Pale Ale and Lager with the help of Australia’s finest farmers and their beautiful produce.

    Stone & Wood’s ingredients

    We’ve broken down some of the differences between our core range of beers below:

    Pacific Ale

    Our Pacific Ale overflows with memories of summer picnics or beachside brews with every taste. We've taken inspiration from the golden haze of our home on the Pacific Ocean, using Australian-grown rolled wheat and malted wheat for the pale malt base. This combination helps to create that famous pale ale gold tone and delicious finish.

    We then use our famous Galaxy hops sourced from Victoria and Tassie farmers to balance that malty bitterness with tropical aromas. Finished with a short and sweet fermentation period, we unleash more complex flavours from the yeast to boost the overall palette of our Pacific Ale.

    Once brewed and bottled, our Pacific Ale offers a deliciously fruity, refreshing and full beer.

    Green Coast Lager 

    Our Green Coast Lager is a celebration of our home and beer’s homeland. The clean and crisp flavour has taken inspiration from the rolling hinterland of Byron Bay, underscored with malts sourced from Germany.

    Our silver medal-winning Green Coast Lager has that classic Munich Helles taste of honey and bready malt. This could only be enhanced by our noble hop with a balanced bitterness and delicate sweetness, more than living up to it's namesake. 

    Once fermented, the extended cold conditioning helps mellow and harmonise the flavours to give our Green Coast Lager a subtle spice. An easy drink year-round, Green Coast Lager’s unique malts and hops create refreshing beer with a low, clean bitterness.

    Cloudy Pale Ale

    Our take on a modern Aussie pale ale, we’re proud of our recently relaunched Cloudy Pale. Originally released way back in 2013, we tinkered with the recipe over the course of months to bring a fresh take to one of our classics.

    From the get go, you’ll notice the tropical flavour profile, that is followed by smooth bitter notes and a crisp finish. The late addition of several dry Aussie hops gives distinct aromatics, and the malt profile brings it’s cloudy and smooth quality.

    With low bitterness and hints of sweet stone fruit, Cloudy Pale Ale is perfectly paired with warm weather and a pub feed after a busy day.

    What our beer is made of

    Beer is simple, made with only a few ingredients. This means it needs to be brewed right.

    Each of our beers go through a long journey from the malt mill to the final fermentation (you can learn more about our process here).

    From the ingredients to the production and packaging, we make our beer from only the good stuff at every step. With solar panels, water waste systems and composting programs, we do what we can to have a positive impact on our community.

    Our beer making process is focused on the ecology of brewing as we incorporate new measures and managements to support the earth that supports us.

    When it comes to Stone & Wood, we work alongside our community to brew a beer that isn’t just delicious but a positive force for good as well.

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    What is Stone & Wood beer made of?

    Our beer is made of the right stuff. Your favourite Stone & Wood beer is brewed with locally sourced ingredients and fuelled by our passion for good. We’ve done traditional...

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  • Road To Munich | Festbier 6% ABV

    Our latest Limited Release: Counter Culture #23 – Road To Munich, Festbier is here!

    Join our Head Brewer Caolan and Production Manager Pat geared up in their lederhosen as we unpack the inspiration behind the beer, the characteristics, brewing method and food pairings for this delicious new lager.



    This extremely limited release pays homage to Germany’s largest and most celebrated beer festival – Oktoberfest – specifically the pale, Munich lager they pour exclusively for it – the Festbier. It's also a nod to our team's annual pilgrimage throughout the most renown Belgian and German Breweries in celebration of five years of devoted service to Stone & Wood, that concludes in the beer capital of the world: Munich.  

    Counter Culture #23 is available exclusively online, and in our Byron Bay and Brisbane Tasting Rooms. 

     If you miss out on this Counter Culture release, think about joining the Stone & Wood Beer Club - you'll never miss a limited release again!


    For full details on of Hops, Malt and Food Pairings for Road To Munich explore more here


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    Road To Munich | Festbier 6% ABV

    Watch now to take a deep dive into the inspiration, characteristics, brewing techniques and food pairings for Counter Culture #23, Road To Munich, Festbier...

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