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Be more betterer than your best with REINVIGAM8 Hydration Ale

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Say ‘sayonara’ to the silly season with our hydration ale

Say ‘sayonara’ to the silly season with our hydration ale

Hydration is the essence of refreshment and refreshment is the essence of REINVIGAMENT*.

After too many long weekends, you might be thinking: ‘I’ve had about enough of all this fun. How can I possibly get back on track after the relentless silly season?’

But we know you – you’re also looking for something refreshing, a thirst-quencher with a zesty zing, minerally goodness and these things we’ve just heard of called electrolytes or electroknights or something like that.

Enter REINVIGAM8, our hydration ale and the sixth limited release from Counter Culture. Pazow! Whoosh!

REINVIGAM8 will leave our brewery-laboratory gates on Monday 3 February, when the beer goes on sale and when we’ll announce the stockist listing and associated events around the country.

Why is this hydration ale really good?

It’s beer.

Alc/Vol 2.7%


100% liquid, easy to sip on.

Contained conveniently inside an impermeable vessel.

Citrusy low-alc gose brewed with orange peel and orange juice, balanced with pale malts and lacto-sour pitch.

Implements untested and unproven ByroNic2 formula.

Hexagons on the label = good science behind the beer.

Preferred refreshment of our head lab person and official ambassador, Caolan Vaughan.


  • Orange peel
  • Orange juice
  • Barrett’s pale
  • Caramunich 2
  • Wheat malt
  • Lactobacillus
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium


  1. Place can upright
  2. Wedge sturdiest fingernail under can-ring
  3. Pull can-ring upwards until you hear pssst – crack.
  4. Lift can to pouted lips, set approximately 1cm apart
  5. Tip liquid into mouth


If symptoms of the silly season persist, call – uh – or maybe, just – um – do a couple of sit-ups.

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