Beer in Cans vs. Bottles: The Key Difference

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No doubt, one of the most heated debates in beer over recent years has been: what’s better – cans or bottles?

No doubt, one of the most heated debates in beer over recent years has been: what’s better – cans or bottles?

With the rise of brewers packaging up brews in both options these days, the attitude of ‘beer tasting better in bottles’ seems to be on its way out, as the preference for cans is on the rise.

Like most breweries, we started out only producing Stone & Wood in bottles, but over the last few years, we’ve released most of our range in cans as well. In fact, as the craft beer crowd prefer cans, our limited-release range,Counter Culture,is a can-only release.

At time of writing, our two most recent Counter Culture can-only releases.

So, does it have much of an effect on the final product? Some people think so – and no doubt you probably have a preference too. Let’s dive into the some of the key differences.


Let’s start at the beginning of our journey – the brewing process. Traditionally, beer was always brewed in dark glass bottles to prevent over-exposure to sunlight and oxygen – both of which can upset the delicate brewing process and turn beer bad.

Aluminium cans are very effective at blocking out sunlight and oxygen, due to their totally opaque outer shell and airtight seal. However, dark glass bottles are similarly effective. So, there’s no clear winner in this category, both hold the liquid effectively.



Due to the thickness of your typical glass beer bottle, there is a natural resistance to heat that can help keep your beer colder for longer when compared to an aluminium can.

This is likely more of an issue when enjoying a beer outside in the sun, or when you’re without a stubby cooler to insulate from the Aussie heat.

WINNER: Bottles, just.

Please always remember to be sun safe and protect your beer from the heat.

Hit up themerch shop, including ourGreen Feet stubby holder.


Beer cans and bottles come in a range of different sizes and pack set ups, all of which can affect the price point, as will the quality of the product.

In our case, our cans hold 375ml and come in a block of 16, with bottles holding 330ml and come in a case of 24. Our cans come in at a cheaper price point, making it the better choice for the hip pocket… but you do get slightly less beer.

WINNER:Cans for the cash concerned.


There’s no hiding the fact that beer bottles come in a bit heavier than cans. Although the difference when you’re holding just one is negligible, it’s definitely more noticeable when carrying 16 or 24 in a carton.

As a result, cans are the probably the better choice if you’re packing up an esky or if you’re taking some beers away with you on your camping trip.

WINNER: Cans (for the froth lover on the go).


If fridge space is at a premium, stackability of cans gives it the edge here, unless you have a big fridge where you can stand all those beautiful bottles up on one shelf. Nothing quite like opening the door to that sight after a long summer’s day.



The great news here is that both beer cans and bottles are recyclable.

With most Australian states now having can and bottle buyback schemes either already in place or planned for the future – recycling your beer cans and bottles has never been more accessible to the Aussie public.



Judging by this criteria, cans come in as the rational choice in the Cans vs. Bottles debate, but how we love our beer is the same as how we love a lot of things in life – with the heart. So as rational as these facts may be…maybe you’re just a bottle-lover? And we’re quite ok with that.


Currently, we offer our Pacific Ale, Cloud Catcher and Green Coast Lager in both bottles and cans, with our Jasper Ale, Garden Ale and Counter Culture beers all exclusively can-only. Take a look at ourfull range of beers today, all available for purchase online!


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